What We're Hoping For From Rena Sofer's General Hospital Return As Lois

Back in 1993, Ned Ashton (Wally Kurth) got bored with being a businessman, took on the moniker "Eddie Maine,"  and pursued a rock-and-roll career. He was discovered by music promoter Lois Cerullo (Rena Sofer), she became his manager, and the two eventually got married. However, it wasn't until after they'd made it official that she learned his true identity, causing their relationship to get rocky (although they did have a child named Brook Lynn Quartermaine). Lois and their daughter eventually left Port Charles as a result. 

Fast forward to the present day where Ned (now Ned Quartermaine) recently fell and hit his head, waking up later believing he was actually Eddie Maine, with no memories of his former life. Fans immediately clamored for Lois' return to set him straight, particularly since Sofer had exited her role as Quinn Fuller on "The Bold and the Beautiful" in August 2022. On the October 11, 2023 episode of "General Hospital," Lois did indeed return to Port Charles and the viewers couldn't have been more excited to see her. 

In an October 17 interview on "GMA3," the soap star discussed her long-awaited return. "It's definitely been an interesting experience," she remarked. "I mean, there's been part, 'Oh my God, what's happening?' and, 'I haven't been here in 27 years.' And then there's the other part which is, 'Oh! I know this person [Lois].'" Sofer also quipped "It was so easy getting back into Lois' nails, so to speak," referencing the fact that fans always loved her artfully done talons.

Fans are thrilled to watch Lois battle Tracy

On October 9, 2023, "General Hospital" returning star Rena Sofer posted a couple of photographs of her freshly-done manicure on Instagram, captioning them, "Tomorrow is the day!!!! Please watch @generalhospitalabc for the return of #Lois and get ready for some amazing nail art by @polishedbyamber." While one fan described them as "epic," many more were just happy to have Lois come back to hopefully help Ned Quartermaine remember who he is, as well as to reconnect with Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton). 

"Yasss so happy [and] excited for Lois' return, I'm looking forward to Brook Lynn and Lois' mother and daughter dynamic," one viewer wrote. Lois and Ned's mother, the irascible Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot), are also clashing because Tracy blackmailed Brook Lynn into stealing proprietary information from Deception Cosmetics. There's a lot at play here, and watching Lois and her ex-mother-in-law go at it has been hugely enjoyable. As one fan put it on X, formerly known as Twitter, "Tracy and Lois scenes did not disappoint!" 

Another responded, "Love, love, love Lois (and Rena). Tracy scenes are always perfection. Jane has the best smirk [on] TV." Not only is Lois trying to jog Ned's memory, but she's also an ally for Brook Lynn who's been by herself, reeling from the fallout of Tracy's demands. Lois has always been a powerhouse, and watching her defend Brook Lynn has been satisfying. But suffice it to say, we're definitely looking forward to more head-to-head verbal combat between Lois and Tracy.