Kristina Wagner Speaks On Her Painful Connection To Felicia's Tragic General Hospital Storylines

The adventurous Felicia Scorpio has never been one to back down from a challenge on "General Hospital." As a private investigator, she's solved several crimes and even faced off against serial killer Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom). Felicia has also endured some heartbreaking challenges in life including the time her daughter Maxie Jones (then Robyn Richards) needed a heart transplant, as well as the death of her other daughter, Georgie Jones (Lindze Letherman). 

Likewise, her portrayer Kristina Wagner has also had to face devastating life scenarios. One half of a former supercouple with Frisco Jones on the show, she was married to his portrayer, Jack Wagner, and they had two kids in real life. Sadly, the two endured the heartbreaking death of their son Harrison, 27, from an accidental drug overdose in June 2022.

Wagner was interviewed in the October 20, 2023 issue of Soap Opera Digest about Felicia's nearly 40-year run on "GH," and when the topic of what she felt were hard times in the character's life, she cited Maxie's heart transplant and Georgie's death. She explained how she could relate to the character's tragic stories, noting, "I know from personal experience what this is like." She added, "That is very critical and would change you, and make you into a different character, actually."

Wagner feels Felicia is currently in the best time of her life

In her interview with Soap Opera Digest, "General Hospital" star Kristina Wagner ruminated about Felicia Scorpio, who is happily married to fan favorite Mac Scorpio (John J. York). She said she felt that Felicia and Maxie also trust each other the most and are willing to open up about the tough choices the characters make with each other. With her rock solid marriage, and daughter close by, Wagner felt that there's not one particular storyline that stands out to her. "I've loved all the phases and I've loved all of her life," she stated, adding, "But I think the best time for her would be today, because she's more grounded and she can make the choice to pursue happiness." Because of the joy the character currently embraces, Wagner explained, "She's solid and stable. So today is probably her most at-peace, happiest time."

Now that Felicia is embarking on a new career as a patient advocate, aptly guided by Stella Henry (Vernee Watson), Wagner feels her character looks up to her new mentor. "Stella is giving her some really good advice, showing her some of the reality of what goes on at General Hospital, and it's kind of an awakening for her." With the experience of her real-life heartbreak, it looks like Wagner and Felicia will enter into bold new territory on "GH," and we're looking forward to the drama that ensues.