General Hospital Relationship Timeline: Felicia And Frisco

The Aztec princess and the rock star. They seemed like quite the unlikely "General Hospital" pair but when Felicia Cummings and Frisco Jones met, sparks started flying both on-screen and off. Frisco and Felicia eventually fell in love and got married, as did actors Kristina and Jack Wagner. Frisco and Felicia went on to have two children, as did the Wagners, but alas neither marriage worked out.

Kristina Wagner and Jack Wagner were married from 1993 until 2006, but still worked together after their breakup on both "When Calls The Heart" and "General Hospital." For their on-screen counterparts, Frisco and Felicia married in 1986, then married again in 1990, and have been on-again, off-again for decades, just as longtime on-screen soap couples typically are. Take a look back at the Port Charles romance of Felicia and Frisco, one of the most popular and beloved pairs from daytime television's longest running soap.

Frisco and Felicia meet and team up to find a treasure

She may be a descendant of Aztec royalty and considered an Aztec princess, but when Felicia Cummings first stepped foot in Port Charles in 1984, she was dressed as a boy and trying to find an old family heirloom that turned out to be a ring Frisco had inadvertently gotten a hold of. In fact, Frisco, a budding rock musician, first found Felicia hiding under his bed and thought she was a groupie, but she eventually explained what she was really after and Frisco helped her find the Aztec treasure he didn't even know he owned.

During this time, the pair fell in love, and when their adventure was over, Frisco chose to give up his music career to have a more stable life with Felicia and became a cop instead. However, things were about to go very wrong, very fast as Frisco's crime-fighting life led him to join the fictional World Security Bureau and his work with the WSB led him to being presumed dead. Felicia was devastated but that didn't stop her from moving on with her life and marrying again. However, her marriage to Colton Shore (Scott Thompson Baker) didn't last long because Frisco was still very much alive.

Frisco and Felicia marry again and become parents

When Frisco turned up very much alive, he wanted Felicia back but she was torn between him and Colton. Eventually, Felicia realized it was Frisco she truly loved, so the pair married once again. However, the evil and deranged Cesar Faison (Anders Hove) kidnapped Felicia while one her honeymoon. After she was rescued, Felicia learned she was pregnant and they soon welcomed their first daughter, Maxie. However, Felicia decided that Frisco's way of life was too dangerous for her and her child, so she and Frisco split up again, with Frisco leaving town to go fight crime across the globe.

After a precarious situation with crazed serial killer Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom), Felicia eventually fell in love with Mac Scorpio (John J. York) who was there for her when Maxie was diagnosed with Kawasaki disease and needed a heart transplant. Frisco returned to town to be there for his daughter and he and Felicia succumbed to passion one night resulting in another pregnancy. Maxie was soon saved when her cousin, BJ Jones, was killed in a school bus accident and given her heart, but Frisco took off again to save the world, leaving Felicia to give birth to Georgie with Mac by her side, a man she eventually married.

Frisco and Felicia pop in and out of Port Charles

As Frisco traveled the world catching criminals for the WSB, Felicia spent time traveling back and forth to be with her grandmother in Texas, often leaving her daughters with Mac for long periods of time to the point where they divorced. Felicia returned to town in 2007 after a teenaged Georgie (Lindze Leatherman) was killed, only to leave again as a young adult Maxie caused trouble around town. She and Frisco both returned in 2013 but realized they were better off as friends and Felicia remarried Mac.

In 2022, Frisco is the head of the WSB and is often mentioned but never seen. However, Felicia is still around and still married to Mac as she does her best to make up for lost time with Maxie, who needs a lot of help. That leaves Felicia bound and determined to find the baby Maxie gave birth to in 2021 and hid in plain sight with the Quartermaine clan to keep her from her evil and deranged father, Peter August (Wes Ramsey), the son of Cesar Faison. For Felicia Cummings Jones Scorpio and Frisco Jones, it seems life is always delivering mysteries for them to solve, even if they're not together.