Inside TLC Star Olivia Culpo's Star-Studded Relationship History

As Oliva Culpo asserted to People, "I think every single relationship teaches you so much about yourself, and I definitely have an appreciation for my relationship now that I would never have because of all of my past experiences, so you have to be grateful for the rough s***." In a trailer for "The Culpo Sisters," while visibly breaking down, she revealed that one of her exes treated her so terribly that she stopped feeling like a person, and many believed that the ex in question was Danny Amendola because of his problematic public comments following their breakup and the cheating allegations swirling around him. 

With the exception of Amendola, Culpo's relationship history is full of healthy and star-studded romances. After stepping into the limelight following her Miss Universe win, Culpo's first rumored boyfriend was Olympian Ryan Lochte, whom she reportedly met at a Fashion Week party back in 2012. After being spotted attending a show together, they escaped to a nightclub and reportedly chatted the remainder of the night away. 

When E! News asked for his thoughts on Culpo, Lochte gushed, "She is beautiful. I love hanging out with her. She has a great sense of humor, she makes me laugh, she's just a good girl to hang out with." He also admitted that he couldn't believe Culpo hadn't done an official pageant before winning Miss USA because she seemed like such a natural. But it seemed the two didn't share a romantic connection because Culpo clarified they were just friends.

She had a serious relationship with Nick Jonas

In August 2013, Olivia Culpo crossed paths with Nick Jonas backstage at the Miss Universe pageant, and in October, Jonas confirmed they were dating in a "Fashion Police" interview. Despite her relatively young age at the time, Culpo made the move from Rhode Island to Los Angeles so she could be closer to the Jonas Brothers star. In April 2015, Jonas gushed about her to People (via Bustle), "I think anytime you have a teammate it makes things a little easier." 

He continued, "It has been a wild ride and a crazy year and a half. It's been really special." Jonas even wrote his hit song "Jealous" about Culpo while they were still together. Sadly, the couple couldn't make it last. In June of that same year, Jonas had a foretelling interview with People where he acknowledged struggling with long-distance relationships while touring, and shortly after, their split was confirmed. Jonas later told ET that while he had a tough time dealing with the end of his two-year relationship, he'd always hold Culpo in high regard.

"These are the times you've just got to dive in and get lost in your work and that's what I'm trying to do," he said. Culpo shared her side of the breakup story in 2022, on "The Culpo Sisters," noting that she thought they'd get married but she lost her identity after the split and couldn't even afford necessities like rent or groceries (via E! News). 

Culpo had a complicated relationship with Danny Amendola

Olivia Culpo briefly dated NFL quarterback Tim Tebow from September to November 2015. Although an insider told E! News that sparks were flying while they were getting to know each other behind the scenes, TMZ later clarified that they had never dated. Around the beginning of 2016, Culpo was linked to New England Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola. They quietly dated for two years before calling it quits in March 2018, supposedly because Culpo didn't want to move states after his transfer to the Miami Dolphins. 

However, they reunited in June 2018. Things were over once more by October after Amendola was spotted getting cozy with sports reporter Bianca Peters. Amendola denied that anything romantic happened. But that wasn't even really the end because the couple reportedly got back together in December. Then, in April 2019, Culpo was spotted dancing with DJ Zedd, and Amendola confirmed the relationship had ended for good through a bizarre Instagram rant, where he started by calling her out for being so open about her new love.

Amendola claimed that Culpo didn't like how private he was, including not posting about their relationship online. He wrote, "The only thing I care about is her HAPPINESS. And if that's dancing with scrony little f*****, so be it." The pro athlete later shaded Culpo with another post, noting, "Fake people have an image to maintain. The real ones jus don't care," (via Grazia magazine). Culpo's fling with Zedd, meanwhile, was seemingly short-lived. 

The reality star is engaged to Christian McCaffrey

In 2019, Olivia Culpo sparked dating rumors with San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey after NFL reporter Dov Kleiman took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to point out that they'd started following each other in the same month and he'd even liked a post of hers. Shortly after, they were spotted holding hands on a Mexico vacation. In February 2020, Culpo shared a sweet Instagram tribute to her beau: "Happy Valentine's Day to my best friend. Thank you for changing my life and showing me the kind of love I always wanted but never thought was possible."

They frequently gush about each other through adorable social media posts. The model has shown up to several games, and often even proudly dons his team's jersey. When someone called Culpo a gold digger for dating McCaffrey, he clapped back at them with a list of his partner's achievements. In July of 2020, the couple got a dog together and named him Oliver Sprinkles. 

Things seemingly got more serious when the couple joined Sophia Culpo and now-ex Braxton Berrios on a getaway. When McCaffrey bought a boat in 2021, he named it "Olivia" to honor her. In April 2023, McCaffrey popped the question while they were vacationing in Utah, and Culpo obviously said yes. In an October TikTok video, Culpo shared that she couldn't wait to have children with McCaffrey, and they planned to start trying shortly after their wedding.