Here's What The Cast Of 30 Rock Looks Like Today

After her experience as head writer on "Saturday Night Live," Tina Fey took everything she had learned and created "30 Rock," the epic sitcom that followed Fey's character Liz Lemon as the head writer of a hit NBC sketch comedy show. Fey's creation led to 16 Primetime Emmy Awards (six of which belong to Fey herself) and a spot on lists of the best sitcoms of all time. Fans loved this show for its witty humor and absurd storylines, and it's still popular on streaming services today. 

Fans also loved this show for the hysterical characters. Fey cast a healthy blend of well-known actors and comedians looking to jumpstart their careers, and each choice perfectly suited the characters. Every actor who played a main character on "30 Rock" is still working in the entertainment industry today, with most of them bringing us the exceptional humor they brought to the show. Here's what the cast of "30 Rock" looks like today. 

Tina Fey is still writing and producing her hilarious comedies

Widely considered one of the greatest comedians of her generation, Tina Fey is the reason we have "30 Rock" in the first place. The "Saturday Night Live" alum created the show and starred as Liz Lemon, the head writer of the fictional sketch show "TGS" who's obsessed with food, always trying to wrangle her writing staff and console Jenna Maroney.

The sitcom has gone down in history as one of the best of all time, but Fey's career prior to "30 Rock" is well-documented. And since leaving the show, Fey has been involved in quite a few other noteworthy projects. The Emmy winner created and wrote the Netflix original series "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt," served as show-runner of "Mr. Mayor," and appeared in multiple seasons of Hulu's "Only Murders in the Building." In 2023, Fey also went on tour with her friend and frequent collaborator Amy Poehler and shared that she will be reprising her role as Ms. Norbury for the 2024 musical "Mean Girls."

Alec Baldwin had some highly publicized legal trouble

Alec Baldwin starred in "30 Rock" as Jack Donaghy, the NBC executive who goes from being Liz Lemon's boss to friend throughout the course of the series. Baldwin had a notable acting career before joining the cast of "30 Rock," even garnering an Oscar nomination in 2004, and he continued acting after the show ended, with projects including 2014's "Still Alice" and 2017's "The Boss Baby," as well as its 2021 sequel.

In 2021, Baldwin made headlines for his involvement in an accident while on the set of the film "Rust." Baldwin was in possession of a loaded firearm for a scene in the film, and he fatally shot the film's cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. Baldwin was charged with involuntary manslaughter, but the charges were later dropped. "I would never point a gun at anyone and pull the trigger at them, never," Baldwin said in an interview with ABC News. "Someone put a live bullet in a gun, a bullet that wasn't even supposed to be on the property," the actor said.

Tracy Morgan had health issues

Tracy Morgan played Tracy Jordan on "30 Rock," an erratic actor who joins the cast of "TGS" to boost its ratings and rehabilitate his damaged image. Morgan's character quickly became one of the most beloved from the show, and he's been one of the most celebrated since it ended. Post "30 Rock," the Emmy nominee had roles in a slate of projects, like 2018's "The Last O.G." and 2023's "The Santa Clauses."

Morgan has also faced a variety of health issues, many of which came after he was involved in a car accident in 2014. The comedian's vehicle was hit by a Walmart truck, resulting in broken bones and a weeks-long coma. Morgan was awarded millions in damages from the retailer after the accident. Nearly 10 years later, the Emmy nominee opened up about the experience and the lawsuit in his 2023 comedy special "Takin' It Too Far," which aired on Max. "Walmart took care of me. Walmart gave me a grip. They gave me so much money I could roll my eyes at White people," Morgan quipped.

Jack McBrayer does a lot of voice acting

Jack McBrayer played Kenneth Parcell on "30 Rock," the NBC page who loves television and is seemingly the only person on the "TGS" team with a moral compass. McBrayer landed the role relatively early in his acting career, and since it ended, he's amassed more credits on his resume than even some of his most notable "30 Rock" co-stars. Many of said credits have come from McBrayer's prolific voice-acting career. The "30 Rock" star can be heard on projects like 2015's "The Adventures of Puss in Boots," 2018's "Ralph Breaks the Internet," and 2020's "New Looney Toons."

In 2022, McBrayer was a guest on the "Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend" podcast to tell his old pal a little more about the start of his career, particularly his joining the cast of "30 Rock." The actor, who had previously played a page for sketches on O'Brien's late-night show, said to O'Brien, "I called up y'all's page desk, and I got up there, and I talked to wardrobe. I was like, 'Can I borrow, just for 20 minutes, a page uniform?” McBrayer added that in addition to lending him the page uniform, O'Brien's hair and makeup department prepared him to film an audition tape for what turned into "30 Rock." "That is the tape that ... got me the job," he added.

Scott Adsit voiced a popular children's character

Scott Adsit is best known to "30 Rock" fans as Pete Hornberger, a producer of "TGS" and a friend to Liz Lemon. Adsit had a flourishing acting career before his stint on "30 Rock," and he's been just as busy since the show ended. Some of Adsit's biggest projects after the sitcom include 2015's "Harvey Beaks" and 2018's "Wolverine." Adsit has also lent his voice to many animated projects, such as 2018's "American Dad!" and 2022's "Inside Job." Adsit is probably most recognizable as a voice actor, however, for his role as Baymax in 2014's "Big Hero 6."

The Disney film was so successful that it spawned multiple spin-offs, including 2017's "Big Hero 6: The Series," which allowed Adsit to reprise his role. Adsit voiced Baymax again in the 2022 miniseries "Baymax!" "He's always with me, Baymax," Adsit said in an interview with CineMovie of his role reprisal in "Baymax!" "It's great to get back in a situation where he's interacting with people other than me in my head," he added.

Judah Friedlander worked with Tina Fey again

Judah Friedlander played Frank Rossitano on "30 Rock." Frank was a writer for "TGS," and much of his free time was spent cracking jokes at the expense of Jenna Maroney. Friedlander has been working in comedy for decades, and he's had roles in some of the most popular comedic projects of the millennium, like the cult-favorite movie "Wet Hot American Summer." After "30 Rock" ended, Friedlander kept acting and had the chance to work with his old boss Tina Fey on another one of her shows, 2015's "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt."

In addition to acting, Friedlander regularly performs stand-up comedy. And as he told The Creative Independent, he keeps himself busy with his work. "I don't take many breaks. Usually for Christmas and New Years I take off and just don't do anything. That's really about it. Otherwise, I don't really take breaks. I generally work seven nights a week. Sometimes I'll take a night off but I usually prefer not to," Friedlander said.

Jane Krakowski was nominated for another Tony

Jane Krakowski brought to life Jenna Maroney on "30 Rock," the star of "TGS" and best friend of Liz Lemon whose main goal in life was to be famous. Krakowski certainly flexed her comedic muscles as Jenna, but prior to her role on the show, she was best known for her work on stage. Krakowski returned to the stage after "30 Rock" was canceled when she appeared in 2016's "She Loves Me," earning a nomination for her third Tony Award for her work in the production. Krakowski also had roles in 2019's "Dickinson" and 2021's Schmigadoon!"

Krakowski also worked with her friend Tina Fey in 2015's "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt," and the actor has nothing but good things to say about the renowned comedian. Krakowski appeared on an episode of "The Drew Barrymore Show" in 2021 and said of Fey, "She's just one of my favorite people. We had the most wonderful experience working on '30 Rock' ... She's super smart. She's very giving. She's a wonderful boss ... I look to her as a guide through my career after having the great pleasure of working with her for a very long time."

Keith Powell appeared on an Apple TV+ comedy

Keith Powell was cast as James "Toofer" Spurlock in "30 Rock," a writer for "TGS." "30 Rock" was Powell's most prominent acting role in his career at the time, and it was so big that Powell feared for the future of his career when the show was over. "Right after '30 Rock' ended, I was really depressed because I didn't think that I was ever going to work again. I threw myself into work of my own that I created," Powell told IndieWire.

The actor found plenty of work after "30 Rock," including 2014's "About a Boy" and 2020's "Connecting...". The actor also appeared in the Apple TV+ original "Shrinking" in 2023 alongside Jason Segel and Harrison Ford. Powell has also done his fair share of directing, including a 2018 episode of the sitcom "Superstore." "I got my degree in directing and it was that part of my brain that was being stimulated. Acting engages your heart and directing engages your mind, and I wanted to do a little bit of both," Powell said of his work.

Katrina Bowden starred in a soap opera

Katrina Bowden portrayed Cerie Xerox, Liz Lemon's beautiful yet apathetic assistant, on "30 Rock." Bowden was cast in the sitcom early in her career, with her only other credits prior to the show's start being episodes of "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" and "One Life to Live." Bowden leveraged her role on "30 Rock" to maintain a steady acting career when the show ended, snagging roles in several films and TV shows throughout the 2010s. In 2019, Bowden began playing a role on the iconic soap opera "The Bold and the Beautiful," which she continued until 2022. Bowden acted in multiple projects after her soap stint, including 2022's "The Most Colorful Time of the Year" and 2023's "How to Win Friends and Disappear People."

Working on a soap opera kept Bowden busy. The actor documented a day in her life for Soap Opera Digest, sharing that she woke up at sunrise on a typical day of shooting. Other highlights of her day included walking, cooking, and reading.

Kevin Dotcom Brown has been in several movies

Kevin Dotcom Brown played Walter "Dot Com" Slattery on "30 Rock." Dot Com was a member of Tracy Jordan's crew who often gave the actor sound advice. Brown had been in the entertainment industry for years before he was cast in the NBC sitcom, with credits including "Cracking Up," "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen," and "Get Rich or Die Tryin'." After the end of "30 Rock," Brown also worked on films like 2015's "Coach of the Year," 2018's "Ocean's 8," and 2023's "Love Magick."

To this day, Brown is best known for his work on "30 Rock," and it's a job he's lauded. "'30 Rock' was one of the most amazing life-changing journeys I ever experienced. It took me places I never dreamed I would be," Brown said in a 2014 interview with Trainwreck'd Society. "I was introduced to people I never thought I would meet. It set a standard for quality and coming in comedy that I have so much respect for and will spend the rest of my career trying to reach the bar that was set so high," he added.

Grizz Chapman has also been in multiple television shows

Grizz, played by Grizz Chapman, was another one of Tracy Jordan's crew members on "30 Rock" alongside Dot Com. Grizz was a smart and sensitive man, and although he had some sexual tension with Liz Lemon, he remained faithful to and married his fiancé, Feyoncé. "30 Rock" was Chapman's first professional acting gig, but his role in the series gave him the confidence to ask Hollywood for more roles when the show ended.

"I mean, why can't a seven-foot guy play a doctor? Why can't I be a teacher? Why can't I be a football coach. Why can't I be a cab driver?" Chapman said to The Hollywood Reporter ahead of the final season of "30 Rock." "Anything. Anything else than that. I can cry. I can do those things that they think the big guys can't do. So just give us a chance," he added. After "30 Rock," Chapman was cast in projects like 2014's "Common Sense Police" and 2018's "The Good Fight."

John Lutz wrote late-night comedy

John Lutz played J.D. Lutz on "30 Rock," another "TGS" staff writer who shares a love for food with Liz Lemon. Lutz, like many of the characters on the show, had a very meta role on "30 Rock" as he has ample experience writing for comedy shows, including "Saturday Night Live." When "30 Rock" ended, Lutz returned to an arena he knew well and wrote for "Late Night with Seth Meyers" for five years. Lutz also appeared as an actor in multiple episodes of the late-night show, and he had roles in projects like 2017's "Shrink" and 2022's "Girls5eva," which was a Tina Fey-produced project.

Lutz also had a notable role in 2020's "Mapleworth Murders," a project that earned him his eighth Emmy nomination overall and first for acting. "It's pretty mind-blowing. I didn't expect it at all," Lutz said to Awards Radar of his nomination. He also shouted out another accomplished actor-writer. "It's cool because it's also a project that I wrote with Paula [Pell], so it was a really fun experience and it's nice to see that actually some people liked it too."

Maulik Pancholy wrote a novel for middle schoolers

Maulik Pancholy made a name for himself on "30 Rock" as Jonathan, Jack Donaghy's assistant who strove to please him at any cost while making his dislike for Liz Lemon very well known. While "30 Rock" was airing, Pancholy had parts in two other popular TV series, "Weeds" and "Phineas and Ferb." After the show ended, he appeared in "The Good Fight" in 2019 and "Only Murders in the Building" in 2021.

Pancholy has done more than just act — he's also a published author. In 2019, Pancholy published his debut novel, "The Best At It," a book written for middle school-aged kids. In an interview with Publishers Weekly, Pancholy shared that his acting career had a hand in inspiring him to write the book. "As an actor, I had done a lot of animated series. I'd been around young people and got to see how much storytelling mattered to them and how influenced they were by the stories they saw on television ... It just felt like a natural fit, to be honest, to start writing a story for young people," Pancholy said.

Chris Parnell does a lot of voice-acting

"30 Rock" was chock full of ridiculous side characters, and one of the most prominent was Dr. Leo Spaceman, played by Chris Parnell. Dr. Spaceman was known for being a terrible doctor who gave equally terrible advice to his patients. While Parnell doesn't have the fame that some of his former co-stars do, he is well-known in comedic circles, particularly because of his voice-acting resume. Prior to and while "30 Rock" was on the air, Parnell was a cast member on "Saturday Night Live," and when "30 Rock" ended, he acted in 2011's "Suburgatory," 2018's "Happy Together," and 2023's "As We Know It." Parnell's many voice-acting credits include the long-running series "Rick and Morty," "American Dad!", and "Archer."

Parnell has always had his hand in several different ventures at once, and as he shared in an interview with Screen Rant, it's something he's been happy to do. "It's nice to get to do other things, it's fun to be able to be as many different things as possible," the actor said.