The Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Family That Has Over 20 Kids

Mix a bunch of wacky, loveable hosts with home improvement elements and a healthy dose of humans helping humans, and you've got the popular reality TV series "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition." It's a winning formula, as proven by the longevity of the series. The original show ran on ABC for a total of nine seasons before getting a welcomed revival in 2020 on HGTV. In each episode, the crew and the surrounding community band together to help impoverished families escape their crumbling houses. The family then receives a new, custom-built home with rooms tailored to the tastes and needs of each occupant.

The houses are beautiful to look at, but the heart of the show really comes from the stories of each family. The episodes usually kick off with a home video by the family explaining why they need a new home. We've seen some truly questionable tactics used by parents to get featured in an episode, such as the family that evicted their children after scoring a new home from the show. Fortunately, there are families like the Frisches that offset tragic stories like those. After being gifted a new and improved house, the Frisch family decided they had more than enough room to introduce over two dozen children into their brood.

They appeared on the show with 11 children

The Frisch family appeared in Season 6 of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition." Aaron and Jackie Frisch are the biological parents of three children. While in Haiti on a mission trip, the Frisches adopted five children from a local orphanage and brought them home to Toledo. Upon arriving home, they adopted three more children locally, bringing their total number of kids to 11. Taking care of their huge family was a struggle for Aaron, who worked as both a paramedic and firefighter to make ends meet. The "Extreme Makeover" team decided it was time to step in and help the open-hearted couple.

WTOL11 reported that hundreds of volunteers from the community showed up to help work on the house. The finished result blew the family away. Not only did their new 20-room home look amazing, but it also celebrated the fusion of cultures in their household. One of the most magical moments from the home reveal was the custom monument that blended the American flag with the Haitian flag, and it was by far the room that received the most excitement from the children. As an added surprise, each of the Frisch kids received a full-ride scholarship to college.

At the end of the episode, Jackie had a touching message for the audience. "We're a family, and family isn't always about the blood that you have or the color that you have," she stated. "And this house is going to be able to make us reach more people and help more people." True to their word, Aaron and Jackie would continue to help more children in the years after their episode aired.

A larger home meant the Frisches could adopt even more children

Since their appearance on the show, the Frisches have continued their journey to help children in need. If you thought 13 people sounded like a packed household, then hold onto your seat — that number rose even higher after the completion of their brand-new home. Aaron and Jackie Frisch now have a whopping total of 25 children.

The decision to expand their family even further stemmed from the couple's faith-led desire to help needy children in the world. "I think, to sum it up in one sentence, we're trying to change the world one child at a time. God commanded us to go out and share the gospel with all the world," he explained to the Huffington Post. " ... This world is in a rough spot, and it's going to get worse, from prophecy. But we're trying to do what God has asked us to do."

The family has added 14 children to the initial 11 that were seen during the filming of their "Extreme Makeover" episode. The Frisch kids now represent a wide array of nations, from Sweden to Ghana to China. Not all of them are able to be legally adopted by Aaron and Jackie since they are over the age of 18, but the loving parents have made it clear that they still consider each of the children part of their family.