Days' Galen Gering Warns Explosive Outcome Awaits Harris If He Falls For Jada - Exclusive Interview

On "Days of Our Lives," ex-Navy SEAL Harris Michaels (Steve Burton) has finally gotten his life on track after being manipulated and brainwashed by Megan DiMera (Miranda Wilson) — formerly Megan Hathaway — several times. He had himself checked in to Bayview Sanitarium, and after helping fellow patient Ava Vitale (Tamara Braun) prove her innocence in the presumed death of Susan Banks (Stacy Haiduk), he's free to find his path. 

On the advice of Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow), he asked police commissioner Rafe Hernandez (Galen Gering) for a job. Because of his SEAL training, Rafe hired him on the spot and partnered him up with Detective Jada Hunter (Elia Cantu). After Rafe's failed love life, he and Jada finally realized that they had an attraction and are now romantically involved. Harris and Ava also discovered they have feelings for each other, so there shouldn't be any troubles in the love department with these two couples, right?

The List attended the "Day of Days" fan event on October 21, 2023, where most of the "Days" stars happily fielded questions. When Gering was asked whether or not the writers were setting him and Jada up for a love triangle by having Harris be her new partner, he coyly responded, "Maybe. Maybe, you never know with Harry Carmichael." But his joking reference came with a warning, "But you better watch out because I'll fire his ass [as] quickly as I hired him, I'll say out right now."

Gering's Rafe will send Harris 'packing' if he and Jada get romantic

"Days of Our Lives" star Galen Gering continued in his interview with The List, asserting what exactly would happen if Harris got in between Rafe and Jada. "[I'll] send him packing back to Navy SEAL-land or wherever the hell..." he boldly remarked. But knowing that Harris has been trying hard to get his life in order, Gering noted, "I think that Harris wants to do the right thing ... he values his job, he wants to be in Salem. We'll see, though. You never know, right?" Clearly, Gering has strong opinions about the fact that Rafe and Jada are in a good place with their newfound relationship, getting past the time when acting mayor Clint Rawlings (Grayson Berry) fired Rafe for dating a subordinate. Rawlings was eventually ousted and the new mayor reinstated Rafe.

In the interview, Gering had called Harris 'Harry Carmichael,' which may be a reference to a former football player of the same name who played for the Philadelphia Eagles and then the Dallas Cowboys in the '70s and '80s. It may also be a nod to mystery writer Leopold Horace Ognall, whose pen name was also Harry Carmichael. Either way, comparing Harris Michaels to the skill and brawn of a football star with the deductive reasoning of a mystery writer paints him as a formidable person. It will be interesting to see if Harris and Jada start bonding while facing danger together.