Signs Ethan And Olivia Plath's Marriage Wouldn't Last

"Welcome to Plathville" stars Ethan and Olivia Plath seemed to be a perfect example of how opposites attract. While she also grew up in a conservative family like her husband, Olivia did not live by strict religious and societal guidelines in adulthood. This sparked a feud between Olivia and the Plaths, particularly with her mother-in-law Kim, who felt that the alcohol-consuming and social media-embracing Olivia was a bad influence on Ethan and his sister, Moriah. Since the couple married in 2018, fans have witnessed their beef play out, which has unsurprisingly affected Ethan and Olivia's marriage. Sadly, the differences have been too much on the couple, who announced their split on October 27, 2023.

In a statement shared on Instagram, Olivia wrote, "There were good moments, and I want to remember and honor those. We fell in love as children and are going our separate ways as adults. Wiser, older, and braver. We will be okay. Thank you for the good times, Ethan. I wish the best for you."

Ethan also offered his own words on the separation in a separate Instagram post on his account that read in part, "Olivia and I have parted ways. It just didn't work between us, though Lord knows we both gave it all we had. It seemed we were constantly pulling each other in opposite directions in life with different goals." While it seems the pair is walking away from the marriage amicably, there were several glaring signs that it wouldn't last that have been there all along.

Olivia wanted to move away from Ethan's family

Olivia Plath was raised in Rocky Mount, Virginia, but that doesn't mean she had ambitions of remaining there. After relocating to Ethan's hometown of Cairo, Georgia, a major red flag in the marriage was the fact that Olivia wanted space away from her in-laws, Kim and Barry Plath. For this reason, the photographer sought a big city far away from country life.

By season four of "Welcome to Plathville," Ethan and Olivia had relocated to Tampa, Florida. However, things certainly didn't go smoothly — the entire move was a bit tumultuous and came on the heels of the couple's decision to take a temporary break from their relationship. Also, Ethan liked living in the rural Georgia town. Nevertheless, they seemed to enjoy their new adventure in the Sunshine State for a while and even made a temporary move to Paris in June 2022. However, once Season 5 of "Welcomem to Plathville" rolled around, their marriage had hit such a rough patch that the couple decided to relocate once again to Minnesota in March 2023. This was a last-ditch effort to repair things, and it also happened to be close to Ethan's grandparents, who were big advocates for their relationship. Unfortunately, even being close to supportive loved ones couldn't save the union.

There were rumors that Ethan cheated on Olivia

As if Ethan and Olivia Plath marrying young and fighting with family weren't big enough signs that they wouldn't last, there were also allegations of unfaithfulness. These claims came about in early October 2023, just weeks before the couple announced they were breaking up. Therefore, it's very likely the Plaths could have already been apart when Ethan was spotted getting close to an unidentified woman. The flirty two were dancing in a bar in Victoria, Minnesota, and even holding hands at one point. Olivia was nowhere in sight, and neither had noted the outing as a reason for their imminent breakup. Nevertheless, the photos making the rounds on social media are pretty damning.

This is not the couple's first time taking some time apart. During Season 3 of "Welcome to Plathville," Olivia moved out of the home she shared with Ethan and told her husband that she preferred to be friends. They came back together eventually. Still, this breakup may be slightly different, especially considering that both parties have released statements confirming they were no longer an item. Whether a reconciliation is possible or not, hopefully, these two can remain cordial.