Kelly Thiebaud's Tribute To General Hospital 'Legend' Tyler Christopher Is So Touching

Kelly Thiebaud played the often ill-tempered Dr. Britt Westbourne — which garnered her the nickname, the "Britch" — on "General Hospital." The character had become friends with Nikolas Cassadine, who was portrayed by the late Tyler Christopher. Nik took pity on her because her antics caused her to be an outcast in Port Charles, and she was pregnant. They started to have feelings for each other and soon got engaged, however when he learned the baby was not hers, but a stolen embryo, he kicked her to the curb. She plotted with his young son, Spencer Cassadine (then Nicolas Bechtel), to pretend that the boy had been kidnapped so she could play the hero and rescue him in the hopes of getting Nikolas back. That plan failed miserably, and the two were done for good.

Thiebaud not only had great chemistry with the cute Bechtel, but also with Christopher, and while their characters were an unlikely pairing, fans held out hope that they'd eventually reunite. She was among the many former "GH" castmates who paid tribute to Christopher and shared screenshots of her and Christopher on a November 1, 2023, Instagram post.

"I was lucky enough to get partnered up with some wonderful leading men on 'General Hospital,' Tyler was one of them," she wrote in her tribute. "I learned so much about working on a Soap during that time together. He was a great scene partner and was always kind to me."

Kelly Thiebaud was nervous to work with Tyler Christopher at first

Former "General Hospital" star Kelly Thiebaud continued her Instagram post honoring the late Tyler Christopher by reminiscing about how she was nervous when her character, Britt Westbourne, was first paired with Nikolas Cassadine. "I remember feeling anxiously excited to get to work with such a legend on the show," she wrote. 

She also talked about how she was a fan of the sudser prior to getting the role. "Before getting on 'GH,' I would sometimes watch the show and my favorite couple was Nikolas and Emily, so you can imagine how excited I was when we got paired up," she said. Of course, Nikolas and Emily Quartermaine (Natalia Livingston) had a rocky relationship that ended when she was tragically murdered by Diego Alcazar, the Text Message Killer (Ignacio Serricchio).

Thiebaud continued with her tribute: "Tyler was so talented and made you feel something when you watched him. My heart breaks for his family and the loss they are dealing with. You will always be remembered Tyler. Rest in peace." 

One fan opened up about Thiebaud and Christopher's impact on their life, sharing gratitude for the post. "Kelly thank you for this beautiful post. You & he had great chemistry (you're both terrific actors) but you have confirmed my feelings about him being a good guy. I named my son [Nik] after his character. I enjoyed him so much!"