Donald Trump Jr.'s Outlandish Request During Fraud Trial Testimony

Donald Trump Jr. got cocky before testifying in his father Donald Trump's civil fraud case. He was so cocky, in fact, that after his testimony, he asked the courtroom sketch artist something outlandish: "Make me look sexy." The artist, Jane Rosenberg, was sent by Reuters. She told the outlet Donald Jr. said he wanted his courtroom sketch to look like the courtroom sketch of Sam Bankman-Fried, which gave him a "superstar" look. (Perhaps Bankman-Fried is not someone Donald Jr. should try to emulate, considering he was found guilty on many counts of fraud.)

"I said, 'That's fake,'" Rosenberg told Reuters, referring to Bankman-Fried's courtroom portrait. "It doesn't look anything like him, doesn't look anything like Sam Bankman-Fried ... and there's no one in the courtroom drawing that."

Rosenberg told Insider the ultra-handsome (and ultra-inaccurate) courtroom sketch of Bankman-Fried that Donald Jr. showed her is AI generated, proving her point that no sketch artist draws like that. 

Donald Jr.'s testimony shifts the blame to accountants

Donald Trump Jr. and his brother, Eric Trump, both testified in the fraud trial this week. They are defendants in the civil case with their father, Donald Trump, other high-ranking employees at the Trump Organization, and the organization as a whole. When Donald Jr. was not instructing Jane Rosenberg on how attractive he wanted to look in his courtroom sketch, he claimed that he trusted the accountants working at and with the Trump Organization to keep financial records accurate (via CNN).

Also, Donald Jr. didn't remember telling Forbes in a 2017 interview that his Trump Tower penthouse was three times bigger than it actually is. Shortly after, he signed a statement confirming the incorrect valuation of his penthouse. "I relied on Mazars [Group] and our accounting team to tell me what is accurate within the confines of accounting," Donald Jr. said on the stand. "That's why we have accountants" (via CBS News).

Ivanka Trump has no way out of testifying against her father, too. According to CNBC, she tried to appeal to get out of it, but the court ruled that she will have to testify, and she is set to do so on November 8, 2023.