What We Know About Hallmark Star Laura Vandervoort's Relationship With Adam Coates

She was Visitor Lisa on "V," Supergirl on "Smallville," and a werewolf on "Bitten," so it's been nice to see Laura Vandervoort playing a regular person on the Hallmark Channel (for once). Indulging in her more human romantic side, the typically blonde actor appeared in "Playing Cupid," and she also starred in a classic Hallmark Christmas movie, "A Christmas Together With You." 

Vandervoort has found love in real life too. Although there's no confirmation on when the couple first met, the actor has been dating Adam Coates since at least January 2022, when he started popping up in the star's Instagram feed. Both native Canadians, they love to spend time at home with their dogs, get together with friends, and have a major appreciation for the great outdoors — even if Vandervoort prefers warmer weather. 

"With 100% honesty ... I am a complete wimp when it comes to the cold and Adam is not," she admitted in an Instagram post. "We love staying active & going on long dog walks even in the winter but I'm usually [freezing]." Thankfully, she's got Coates on hand to keep her warm. 

The happy couple is engaged to be married

In September 2023, Laura Vandervoort posted a carousel of photos on her Instagram page, beginning with a shot of her kissing partner Adam Coates, her left hand showing off a sparkling engagement ring. The actor followed the pic with several others that documented his proposal; Coates on one knee, the two embracing, laughing together, cuddling, and surrounded by family.

The happy couple was celebrating Vandervoort's birthday, but as the "Smallville" star pointed out, "It became a celebration of our forever!" She added a note directly to her fiancé: "There is no one I'd rather do life with. I love you [Adam Coates]. Thank you for choosing me for keeps." Coates had the whole thing planned out to the final detail, and the proposal was just as much of a surprise as the family gathering that followed it. Vandervoort even acknowledged, "I don't know how you got it all by me (seriously, how did you plan it all without me even noticing!?) but it was perfect." 

However, it's worth noting that this isn't the first time the Hallmark star has received a proposal and a ring; she was previously engaged to Oliver Trevena. He proposed on New Year's Eve 2013, but by early March 2015, they'd called it off. Trevena is a British actor and popular personality in the UK — a completely different career choice from the "V" star's current fiancé. 

Coates doesn't work in the entertainment industry

While Laura Vandervoort has found major success in showbiz, when it came to falling in love and finding someone to spend the rest of her life with, she chose outside of the Hollywood spotlight. Her fiancé, Adam Coates, is a businessman. After spending over seven years with the Labatt Breweries of Canada, he moved on to the cannabis industry. Coates has been with the Decibel Cannabis Company since 2018, and in 2023, held the title of Chief Revenue Officer. 

His LinkedIn profile notes, "Adam is a veteran sales and marketing executive, award-winning brand builder and cannabis industry innovator." Despite not being a part of the entertainment industry, Coates has shown his continuing support for Vandervoort's profession. When she posted about winning a director award in November 2022, he praised her: "Congrats bb! So proud of you." 

Coates has also been known to drop red hearts and smiley faces on the fan favorite Hallmark actor's social media posts, especially when it's in response to photos of the two of them together. There have even been a few kissy-face emojis. Now that's true love.