A Complete Guide To Your Favorite Hallmark Actors

Correction 10/11/22: An earlier version of this article misstated that "Species" won awards for best makeup and best soundtrack. The film was nominated for Chainsaw Awards for best makeup and best soundtrack, but it did not win.


The Hallmark Channel practically has a monopoly on the holiday season — that's pretty much a universal truth at this point. The Hallmark Channel has become must-watch television! As soon as the leaves start to turn in the fall, the network starts to tease viewers about what's to come each Christmas. Every year, the channel releases more and more original Christmas movies. In 2019 alone, they released 40 new films for the holiday season. But, of course, not all of Hallmark Channel's projects are Christmas-related.

Suffice it to say, the actors who make Hallmark Channel movies so incredible are practically TV royalty. And, as avid Hallmark viewers know, certain actors appear in one (or more) movies every year. These actors know their way around a Hallmark movie set, but they also probably look pretty familiar. The thing is, most Hallmark Channel actors were pretty famous before appearing on the channel's films, and you might be surprised to see how many once appeared in blockbuster hits or teen dramas.


Hallmark Channel's Jessica Lowndes probably looks pretty familiar

Hallmark Channel fans may see Jessica Lowndes as a familiar face. The star is most well-known for her role as Adrianna Tate-Duncan in the hit teen drama "90210." Additionally, Lowndes appeared in "Greek," another young adult show focused on the highs and lows of Greek life at college. Lowndes has also had a go at a singing career, as the actress has quite a lovely voice. Now, though, Lowndes is perfectly happy on the Hallmark Channel.


"I love filming Christmas movies," she told Hallmark's "Home and Family." "There's nothing like it. You can't not smile when you're watching these films." Though Lowndes has played many roles over the years of her acting career, her Hallmark Channel movies, such as "Christmas at Pemberley Manor" and "A December Bride," showcase all the joy of the holiday season in a way only Lowndes (and Hallmark) can pull off.

Chad Michael Murray used to be a teen drama heartthrob

Perhaps one of the more surprising actors who has appeared on the Hallmark Channel is Chad Michael Murray. After all, it doesn't seem all that long ago that Murray was a teenage heartthrob, starring in teen-focused projects like "Gilmore Girls," "One Tree Hill," "A Cinderella Story," and "Freaky Friday." In fact, Murray also later appeared on the teen drama "Riverdale," proving once and for all that he truly is the reigning king of teenage dramas.


However, Murray began to take his talents to the Hallmark Channel in 2018, starring in "The Wise Men", according to Entertainment Weekly. Then, in 2019, Murray, who'd notably starred in "Agent Carter" in 2015, came back to the Hallmark Channel to star in "Write Before Christmas," alongside one of his former "One Tree Hill" castmates, Torrey DeVitto. Though fans may be surprised to see Murray in Hallmark Channel movies like "The Beach House," there's no denying the fact that the talented actor has found his niche.

Jodie Sweetin feels 'at home' on set

Fans of "Full House" will certainly recognize Jodie Sweetin. Sweetin starred alongside Candace Cameron Bure and the Olsen twins as Stephanie Tanner in the hit sitcom, which aired from 1987 to 1995. "Full House" was definitely a big part of Sweetin's life, and, as she explained in her memoir, "Unsweetined," she struggled with addiction after the show ended (via Today). However, Sweetin is now sober, and she's continued acting.


"I never feel more at home than I do when I'm on set," she told "Today." "I always loved it and I still love it." However, Sweetin has admitted that acting isn't always easy. "This is a business where you have to be willing to give everything," she continued. Still, acting has definitely been a huge part of Sweetin's life, and the Hallmark Channel has often been a place for her to call home, as she's starred in the likes of "Entertaining Christmas" and "Merry & Bright."

Andrew Walker said the Hallmark Channel doesn't 'hire fools'

Whether or not you're a big fan of Hallmark Channel movies, you've probably seen Andrew Walker in something. The actor has been appearing in movies and television shows since 1994. Walker has appeared in popular shows like "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch," "Reba," and "The Big Bang Theory." Still, as impressive as Walker's resume is, he's spent a lot of his time working with the Hallmark Channel, starring in the likes of "A Bride for Christmas," "The Perfect Catch," and "My Secret Valentine."


In an interview with "My Devotional Thoughts," Walker explained why he loved working on the Hallmark Channel so much. "You know, with Hallmark, I've been pretty fortunate," he said. "But that's the thing with Hallmark. ... Hallmark is very discriminating about who they hire, and they just don't hire fools or jerks. And it always seems to work out. They always try to hire people as much as possible who are compatible with each other." 

Walker is at home on the Hallmark Channel, and, for that, his fans are very thankful.

Candace Cameron Bure is the Hallmark Channel's 'Queen of Christmas' for a reason

If you turn on the Hallmark Channel on any given day after Halloween, chances are you'll spot Candace Cameron Bure. There's a reason the actor is known as the "Queen of Christmas," and it isn't just because Bure is full of Christmas spirit. Bure has starred in a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie every year since 2013, and we don't see things changing anytime soon. She's also done other projects for the network like the "Aurora Teagarden Mysteries" movies — one of many Hallmark Channel movies that are worth your time.


However, Bure had a career long before her first Hallmark Channel Christmas movie debut. Bure has been acting since she was a child, appearing in the television show "St. Elsewhere" as Megan White. Then, of course, Bure landed her long-running stint as part of the cast of "Full House," which is still Bure's most well-known gig. 

Of course, Bure has had plenty of other roles, but it seems the actor feels most at home in a Hallmark Christmas movie. In an interview with Good Housekeeping in 2019, Bure explained that the payoff for a Hallmark Christmas movie was incredible. "After a movie comes out, especially last year's 'A Shoe Addict's Christmas,' I get story after story after story from fans about how these feel-good stories inspire them into action," she said.


Cameron Mathison credits Hallmark for saving his life

If there is one man who totally and completely embodies the Hallmark Channel, it's Cameron Mathison. Mathison is best known for his role as Ryan Lavery on the soap opera "All My Children," on which he starred from 1998 to 2011. However, in 2013, Mathison took his talents to the Hallmark Channel, acting as host of the network's talk show "Home & Family." In addition to that, Mathison has starred in a number of Hallmark Channel originals, including the "Murder, She Baked" movie series.


As many Hallmark movies as Mathison has appeared in, though, "The Christmas Club" definitely seems to be special to him. The film is all about "following the signs and really paying attention and being mindful," Mathison told Entertainment Tonight. "I came off this movie [thinking], 'I'm not going to ignore this anymore,'" he said. "That's what inspired me to go get a doctor's recommendation to get an MRI." Mathison was diagnosed with kidney cancer and has since had surgery and is cancer-free, but he says he owes it all to the Hallmark movie. "It saved my life," Cameron explained. "See? These Hallmark Christmas movies are more powerful than you know." He's not wrong.

Hallmark Channel actor Lacey Chabert is 'Christmas obsessed'

For many people, Lacey Chabert will forever be Gretchen Wieners from "Mean Girls." The movie and Chabert's role in it was (and still is) iconic. To this day, there is a literal "Mean Girls Day" when quotes from the movie are used even more than usual. Of course, Chabert has moved on from her "Mean Girls" days, and even the most devoted Hallmark fan might be surprised to know that Chabert has developed quite a hefty resume. The actress has lent her voice to a number of projects such as "The Wild Thornberrys," "Family Guy," and more. She's also starred in a number of Hallmark movies like "Crossword Mysteries: Proposing Murder" and "Love, Romance, & Chocolate."


Still, Chabert truly enjoys working on Hallmark Channel Christmas movies especially, like "Pride, Prejudice and Mistletoe." In an interview with Yahoo! Lifestyle, the former "Party of Five" star explained, "I genuinely love Christmas and anyone who knows me knows that I'm pretty Christmas obsessed." She continued, "I like to draw it out as long as possible, so it makes sense that I would enjoy making these movies." No matter what part she's playing Chabert definitely has a love for Hallmark Channel, and especially Hallmark Channel Christmas movies. Really, who could blame her?

Hallmark Channel actor Jordan Bridges is a made-for-TV regular

As far as Hallmark Channel actors are concerned, Jordan Bridges is certainly one of the more low-key actors for the network. However, that isn't to say that Bridges isn't a successful actor. In fact, the opposite is true, as Bridges has actually been starring in made-for-TV movies since he was 5 years old, when he appeared in the movie "The Kid From Nowhere." That movie was directed by his dad, Beau Bridges, according to the Hallmark Channel.


As he got older, Bridges continued to act and has been in such projects as "Drive Me Crazy," "Charmed," and "Dawson's Creek," among many others. When Bridges started appearing on the Hallmark Channel, it was a picture-perfect fit. His first Hallmark Channel Christmas movie was the classic "Holiday Engagement." Since then, Bridges has become a regular for the network, and he definitely seems to enjoy working for the channel making heartwarming films like "Christmas at Holly Lodge."

Danica McKeller has a degree in mathematics

Danica McKeller is practically Hallmark Channel royalty, and that's for good reason. The actress, who's starred in popular television shows like "How I Met Your Mother" and "The West Wing," has appeared in multiple Hallmark Channel movies, though, of course, McKeller's most notable role was as Winnie Cooper in "The Wonder Years." But McKeller is more than an actress, as she graduated summa cum laude from UCLA with a degree in mathematics, according to CNBC, and she's authored several books geared to getting young girls interested in math.


But overall, McKeller loves getting to work with Hallmark Channel. In an interview with CNBC, McKeller explained why she was drawn to the network. "We need a break," she said. "We need to reconnect with core values and remember connection with family, and the importance of that, and the holidays are a great time for that and Hallmark is a great place for that." McKeller is definitely a multi-talented woman, and her roles in Hallmark Channel projects like "Coming Home for Christmas" and "Wedding Bells" are just part of what makes her so incredible.

Alexa PenaVega is living her best life as a Hallmark Channel actor

It's no secret that the Hallmark Channel is full of former child stars, and Alexa PenaVega is no exception. PenaVega is perhaps most well-known as Carmen Cortez from "Spy Kids," but the actor has also starred in plenty of other projects like "Sleepover," and she has even competed on "Dancing With the Stars" alongside her husband, Carlos PenaVega (via ABC News).


"Dancing With the Stars" wasn't the last time PenaVega got to work with her husband. In fact, the pair have starred in more than one Hallmark Channel movie together, including the "Picture Perfect Mysteries" series and 2016's "Love At Sea." Speaking to TV Insider about how lucky she felt to get to work with her husband, PenaVega explained, "I love working with my husband." She continued, "We really know what each other's limits are and we can be way more playful. I think that there's something to be said that's really special about getting to work with your spouse." 

It's safe to say that PenaVega enjoys working with Hallmark Channel, and she will probably continue putting out original movies alongside her hubby.


Alicia Witt has starred in some dark projects

Alicia Witt is a super familiar face and not just among Hallmark Channel fans. The actress has appeared in plenty of successful television shows, which is partly why she loves her time with the Hallmark Channel so much — especially when she gets to shoot a Christmas movie. Witt has worked on some pretty intense shows, such as "The Walking Dead," "Nashville," and "Friday Night Lights." Because of that, being in a Hallmark Channel movie like "A Very Merry Mix-Up" and "I'm Not Ready for Christmas" is almost like a form of stress-relief for Witt.


"It's fun to come out with a movie where every day you have a happy ending and it's a sweet love story [or] family story," she told Glamour. "I just spent the last week in winter clothes and people I really enjoy working with and Christmas lights everywhere and snow and gingerbread cookies and vegan eggnog. There's very little heaviness on my psyche right now." Witt isn't lacking in the talent department, and her work on the Hallmark channel is what warm and fuzzy thoughts are made of.

Jesse Metcalfe was a TV bad boy before his Hallmark Channel days

Many people will recognize Jesse Metcalfe as the attractive young gardener from "Desperate Housewives." Of course, Metcalfe has had plenty more roles since then, including when he played yet another hot bad boy in "John Tucker Must Die." But starting in 2015, Metcalfe has been acting in Hallmark Channel original movies like "Christmas Next Door" and "Christmas Under the Stars," and he's found a home there. Notably, Metcalfe also appeared in "Chesapeake Shores," one of Hallmark Channel's successful shows. And it doesn't seem like Metcalfe has any intention of slowing down any time soon.


"I've been on quite a journey, to say the least," Metcalfe told Entertainment Tonight in a 2018 interview. "I've worked consistently for the last 20 years; not many people can say that. But of course, I want more. I feel like I've really only scratched the surface in the last 20 years of what I can do." For Metcalfe, that means producing or directing. In 2020, he worked as a producer for the movie "Cover Me" and the Hallmark series "Martha's Vineyard Mysteries."

Ashley Williams hopes to work with her famous sister in future Hallmark Channel movies

Another hugely successful Hallmark Channel actress, Ashley Williams, has definitely been in plenty of films on the network, such as "Northern Lights of Christmas" and "Christmas in Evergreen." On top of that, Williams is likely recognizable from her role as Victoria on the hit series "How I Met Your Mother." However, Williams definitely seems to be happy on the Hallmark Channel, and who could blame her? 


In 2018, Williams shared her plans to one day work on film on the Hallmark Channel with her sister Kimberly Williams Paisley (Brad Paisley's wife), as she'd told International Business Times that they were working on developing two made-for-TV Christmas movies together. "It's just so funny that we haven't yet [made a Hallmark movie together] and it's strange, but I bet once we start, we won't be able to stop," Paisley told the publication. Fortunately, the sisters were able to make that dream a reality. In 2021, the two starred together in two Hallmark holiday movies: "Sister Swap: A Hometown Holiday" and "Sister Swap: Christmas in the City." 

The Williams sisters have a strong bond, as Williams told Country Living that her sister inspired her to become a doula, something she has accomplished on top of having two children.


Luke Macfarlane is moving on to studio films thanks to Hallmark

After spending nearly a decade acting in Hallmark movies, Luke Macfarlane stars alongside Billy Eichner in "Bros," an LGBTQ+ rom-com released in September 2022 by Universal Pictures. "Bros" has some differences from Macfarlane's prior Hallmark movies — one of them being that, in "Bros," Macfarlane has the opportunity to play a character a little more similar to who he is in real life. In many of his Hallmark movies, Macfarlane plays a straight man, usually with a female love interest. In "Bros," Macfarlane, who publicly came out as gay in 2008, plays Billy Eichner's love interest, Aaron.


As he ventured onto the big screen, he appreciated how much he learned from Hallmark, telling the Los Angeles Times, "One thing that I really enjoyed about making Hallmark movies is it's really fun to flirt. It's fun to play that energy on camera, where relationships are at their best in those early times. I guess Hallmark has given me a lot of flirting lessons." He also told Variety he was thankful for Hallmark not only giving him jobs "for a long time," but also giving him leading roles in several movies. "I'm always going to be very grateful to them for that," he said.

Autumn Reeser was 'naive' about the realities of an acting career

It's safe to say that Autumn Reeser has had an extensive acting career — in addition to her many Hallmark movies, Reeser acted on popular shows like "The O.C." and "Entourage." Some may be surprised to find out that someone with such a successful acting career went into things head-first, without a lot of preparation.


Reeser was in theater productions from a young age, but she didn't really begin her acting career until age 20. However, things took off quickly. "By 22, I was able to support myself entirely on my acting career," she told Career Contessa.

This sort of early success is not necessarily common among famous actors. For some, it can take a lot of failed attempts before their career really takes off, and it's understandable that many people don't have the patience to keep waiting for that big break. Reeser recognizes this, as she told Career Contessa, "I'm glad that I was fairly naïve at the beginning of my career. Otherwise I'm not sure I would have had the courage to try to start a career as an actress!" Fortunately for Reeser, her acting career has been a major success.


Taylor Cole met her husband on a Hallmark movie set

Taylor Cole, who starred in Hallmark movies "Christmas in Homestead," "The Art of Us," and "Appetite for Love," among others, has had some fairytale romances on and off the screen. Cole actually met her husband, producer Cameron Larson, on the set of a Hallmark movie — could it get any cuter (and more Hallmark) than that? Not only did they meet on a movie set but, according to People, Cole and her husband Larson's love story actually unfolded in a way that was similar to the plot of "Matching Hearts," which Larson happened to be filming as they planned their wedding.


"Matching Hearts" focuses on a matchmaker who ends up finding her own perfect match in one of her clients. Before Cole and Larson began dating, they played matchmaker for each other. According to Cole, "We were friends for several years before dating and I even tried playing matchmaker with Cam, attempting to set him up with a few friends of mine." She continued, telling the publication, "Luckily, similar to the movie, none of the matches worked and we both realized we were perfect for each other."

Whether their love story was coincidence or fate, the two lovebirds officially tied the knot in 2020 and are going strong.

Brennan Elliott stands by his wife's side as she battled stomach cancer

Brennan Elliott has starred in dozens of Hallmark movies as well as the Hallmark original series, "Cedar Cove." While his career is going well, he, unfortunately, has faced some major challenges in other areas of his life.


Elliott's wife, Cami, was diagnosed with stomach cancer in 2018. She was in remission until 2022, when the cancer returned, according to Us Weekly. Elliott has been by her side every step of the way, writing in a heartwarming post on Instagram, "There is no one I consider braver, stronger, more fearless even when you're faced with a sinister opponent who never plays fair. Even after countless surgeries and chemotherapy rounds, She forges ahead into spring taking on one of the most aggressive types of chemotherapy and immunotherapy."

In September 2022, Elliott updated fans, saying Cami is doing better as she recovers from surgery to remove any remaining cancer. Elliott told People the month prior, "Right now, there's no evidence of disease. We're happy about that. We just want to keep that cancer critter away from her."


James Denton dated country singer Deana Carter in high school

If you haven't heard the 1996 hit song "Strawberry Wine" by Deana Carter, you're missing out — it's sappy and corny in all the best ways and it's a definite staple of any '90s country playlist. Those of you who have heard the song may have wondered who it is actually about, but wonder no longer: Deana Carter is actually singing about her past relationship with one of Hallmark's favorite male leads, James Denton (via Taste of Country).


Yep, James Denton and Deana Carter dated as teenagers when they were attending the same high school in Nashville. And although Carter didn't actually write the song (it was written by Matraca Berg and Gary Harrison), she connected with the lyrics, which reminded her of her first love, Denton. In fact, Denton was an inspiration for much of her first album, titled "Did I Shave My Legs For This?" She told Nu Country, "He was my everything for about six years. ... Many of my other songs are not about him directly, more about the emotions I have carried — the influence of him in my life in every relationship. He held the bar in a lot of relationships." She went on to say, "I still adore him — he's such a lovely special person to me."


Catherine Bell was Isabella Rossellini's body double in Death Becomes Her

Catherine Bell is known for her role as Cassie Nightingale in Hallmark's "Good Witch," but she had several other jobs before becoming the lead in the feel-good Hallmark series.

According to Metro, one of her first jobs was as Isabella Rossellini's body double in the 1992 dark comedy "Death Becomes Her." In the film, Isabella Rossellini plays Lisle von Rhuman, a wealthy, sensuous woman who has a magic potion for eternal youth. One scene in the movie required Rossellini to be nude, but the actor didn't think that was such a good idea for her.  In an interview with Vulture, Rossellini said, "I said to the producer, Starkey, that I don't think I have that body. It has to be incredible. It has to look like Barbie, and I don't have a Barbie body."


So, who did have the so-called "Barbie body" that was needed for the movie? None other than Catherine Bell. While Bell hasn't said much about her experience as a body double in the famous film, she did take to Twitter to retweet an article about the film in 2017, saying "25 years ago??!! Wow!" So we're guessing she doesn't regret the experience.

Jill Wagner is working on a series with Yellowstone showrunner Taylor Sheridan

Jill Wagner has starred in several Hallmark movies like "Autumn Dreams" and "Christmas in the Smokies." She's also known for her roles in "Teen Wolf" and "Punk'd." Wagner turned a new page in her career by executive producing and starring in a spy drama called "Lioness."


Wagner is co-producing "Lioness" with "Yellowstone" creator and director Taylor Sheridan, as she revealed in an inclusive interview with The List. Wagner revealed that she feels lucky to work with Sheridan on the show. Lucky indeed — in 2020, "Yellowstone" became the most-watch cable TV show of the year, with the Season 3 finale bringing in 7.5 million viewers, according to Deadline.

"Lioness," which is slated to premiere on Paramount+ in 2023, will allow Wagner to break out of her usual roles a bit since the series is a military drama that is darker than her past Hallmark movies. "I don't necessarily know that I'd let my daughter watch 'Lioness'," she told The List. She also shared that she's been working hard to do her character justice — and part of that means waking up early to get a workout in. "I get up every morning, and I train for an hour and half," she said. "It gets harder and harder," she added, "but it's something I feel very passionate about."


Natasha Henstridge is of a different Species

Not only was she a successful model at the age of fifteen, but Natasha Henstridge (who you've seen in Hallmark thrillers like "A Sister's Nightmare" and "Home Invasion) also starred in the hugely successful 2000 crime/comedy movie "The Whole Nine Yards." But Henstridge is perhaps most well-known for her role in the 1995 sci-fi movie "Species."


"Species" is about a killer alien who comes to Earth in search of a mate — definitely not quite the Hallmark material Henstridge works with now. "Species" was a success and was nominated for Chainsaw Awards for best makeup and best soundtrack. Henstridge was also nominated for an MTV movie award for Best Breakthrough Performance. Part of the reason the "Species" movies did well may be due to Henstridge's commitment to her character, Sil.

In an interview for the "Species II" DVD extra (via Metacritic), she said, "I did my own stunts. ... I was very, very adventurous — ballsy, whatever you want to call it. I loved to just get in there and do whatever I could do by myself." One of those stunts even involved jumping through a glass wall. While other actors may shy away from stunts, Henstridge is all about them. "I just love that stuff," she told Metacritic. "[Stunts are] fun. It's just part of the experience of making [a movie], and I have great memories from that."


Samuel Page's best man was Mean Girls' star Jonathan Bennett

Samuel Page is known for starring in Hallmark movies like "Christmas in Rome" and "All Things Valentine," among other shows like "Mad Men," "Desperate Housewives," and "Scandal." He also has a unique tie to the cult classic "Mean Girls." While Page wasn't actually in "Mean Girls," someone close to him was – his best man, "Mean Girls" heartthrob Aaron Samuels, whose real name is Jonathan Bennett.


When Page got married in 2014 to Cassidy Boesch, Bennett was there to support his friend. Page's story of meeting his wife is as sweet as his friendship with Bennett. According to Cosmopolitan, he had just made an oath with his friends to stay single for the summer. But he went to a cocktail party where he met Boesch, where the two clicked and talked all night. That oath was pretty much immediately thrown out. "And on the way home [after I dropped her off], I called my friend ... and I left a voicemail and said, 'I just wanted to go on the record to say, this has never happened to me before and I guess I wouldn't believe in this until it happened' — it was love at first sight. Love at first sight is real. It happened to me."


Nikki DeLoach was a Mouseketeer

Nikki DeLoach is a talented actor (known for "Love and Other Drugs" and "House Bunny", as well as several Hallmark movies like "Love Takes Flight" and "Cranberry Christmas") and a multifaceted person. For example, she is, in her words, "a really good athlete," citing basketball and softball as childhood favorites (via Southern Living). She also grew up on a farm in a small town in Georgia.


Another interesting thing to know about DeLoach is that she was part of the Mickey Mouse Club. All the way back in 1993, she joined "The All New Mickey Mouse Club" alongside stars like Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Ryan Gosling, and Britney Spears, according to MTV. And although she seems to love her career with Hallmark, she hopes to return to her roots eventually — not at Mickey Mouse Club, but on stage. "It's been a really long time since I've actually stepped foot on a stage. ... It's where I started, obviously, because of singing and dancing and Mickey Mouse Club and all of that, but it's been a really long time," she told Wide Open Country.

Daniel Lissing's personal reasons forced him to leave When Calls the Heart

Daniel Lissing is known for being the male lead, Jack Thornton, in Hallmark's "When Calls the Heart" series. He left the show after five seasons, leaving fans heartbroken and wondering why his character was gone from the show so suddenly. Without providing much of an explanation, the actor told Entertainment Tonight, "Circumstances arose for me where I needed to leave When Calls the Heart for reasons that are very personal to me."


One upside of the situation is that both Hallmark and his costars completely respected his choice to move on from the show. "I went to Hallmark and they were nothing but supportive of me," Daniel said to Entertainment Tonight, adding, "I went to the girls [costars Lori Laughlin and Erin Krakow] and they were nothing but supportive of me."

Laughlin expressed this support to Entertainment Tonight, explaining that the stars of the show are good friends. Ultimately, though, she said, "We are actors, and actors have contracts and sometimes contracts expire, and you have a choice to make. You either renegotiate or you don't, and Dan has chosen to move on, we respect that. No judgment, we love him, we wish him well, he's still part of the Hallmark family."