What We're Wanting From Tricia Cast's Return As Nina On The Young And The Restless

Tricia Cast and her "Young and the Restless" character Nina Webster go way back. She originated the role in 1986 and was a mainstay until 2001. Returning briefly in 2008, she's been recurring ever since, recently starring on the November 2, 2023 episode, which was dedicated to Lauralee Bell's 40th year playing Christine "Cricket" Blair on the beloved sudser. Nina is the mother of Detective Chance Chancellor (Conner Floyd), who has been presumed dead on a few occasions due to his dangerous job but has nevertheless survived.

Spoilers reveal that Chance is going to get shot in the line of duty at some point during the week of November 6, and he's going to need his mom there to help him through it. Now that Nina is back on "Y&R" for what promises to be a longer stay than usual, fans are more than ready for a family reunion. When Cast spoke to Soap Opera Digest for an interview posted on November 1, she was hopeful she would be returning as Nina. 

"I was crossing my fingers," the soap star admitted. "I knew Lauralee [Bell, Christine] had been working more so I kind of thought, 'Yeah, maybe so.' It's always a nice surprise." And it seems that the timing is going to be perfect for Chance.

We're looking forward to lots of Nina and Chance

Conner Floyd was a recast for Chance Chancellor in 2021, but despite returning to "The Young and the Restless" since, Trica Cast has never had the opportunity to appear opposite her onscreen son. Regarding the upcoming scenes between Chance and Nina Webster, Cast assured Soap Opera Digest, "It's really well-written, lovely stuff." She had nothing but praise for her co-star, gushing, "And what a great person and actor and co-worker Conner is. He just floors me. He's really sweet and fun to work with and I think [the fans] will believe that we are mother and son."

Alongside Cast's return, fellow fan favorite Michael Damian also reprised his role as Danny Romalotti back in September for what appears to be a longer run too, so it will be great to see Nina, Danny, and her bestie, Christine Blair, getting into plenty of drama together. The soap star discussed working with Damian and Lauralee Bell too, recalling that their reunion was: "Just like nothing had changed with us, like no time had passed." 

She continued, "We all work together well and we play together well and it's just so fun." Looking forward to the upcoming stories, Cast further explained that it's going to be exciting not only for the fans but also for the actors themselves, enthusing, "There's meaty [material] for everyone." We can't wait to see Nina and Chance reconnect!