General Hospital's Maura West Let Reality TV In On A Huge Moment

As Ava Jerome on "General Hospital," Maura West is used to kicking butt and taking names in front of the cameras. After all, Ava is someone who has survived relationships with mob bosses like Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and dark princes like Nikolas Cassadine (Adam Huss). But West has also played a long list of soap opera characters throughout the years. Before she joined the cast of "General Hospital," West was on "As the World Turns" as Carly Tenney. There, West met and fell in love with her future husband, actor Scott DeFreitas, who played Andrew Dixon at the time.

The couple wasted no time getting to know one another and quickly found out that soap operas weren't the only thing they had in common. West and DeFreitas also shared a love for baseball, got engaged at Yankees stadium, per West's X account, and they tied the knot in 2000. That same year, West and DeFreitas also became reality television stars. But they weren't the kind of reality stars that you see today. They had the television cameras follow them for a particular reason which had nothing to do with clout or insta-fame.

Maura West was once a TLC star

Back in 2000, Maura West and Scott DeFreitas were expected their first child together. According to the Tampa Bay Times, the couple agreed to document the birth and arrival of their first son together, Joseph. Both already had children from previous relationships, but they wanted to do something special for their first child together. While both West and DeFreitas were already well-known and established actors in the daytime television world, many fans were surprised to see them on TLC's "A Baby Story." This was way before anyone even heard of TLC's famous Gosselin and Duggar families. It was a reality series that first aired in 1998 and documented couples preparing for the arrival of their newborn child. The duo was even huge fans of the series, as DeFereitas said at the time, "We enjoy the show so much that we just want to be a part of it." 

The one requirement for filming the show was for the story to have a happy ending, which the couple did have with the arrival of Joseph in March 2000, per TV Guide. The episode even shared highlights of West and DeFreitas cuddling the newest addition to their family and taking him out for a walk near their Connecticut home. Luckily, there were no Port Charles mobsters in sight, as it was just a sweet and memorable baby story that kept the 'reality' in reality series.

Maura West is telling different kinds of stories these days

"A Baby Story" was the only time that Scott DeFreitas and Maura West dipped their toes in the reality television pool. However, they have been telling different kind of stories these days, and they include 'A College Story.' The couple's son Joseph is now all grown up and attending Vassar College, per West's Instagram page. Joe is a Broadway actor and musician in the making, and his famous mother loves to share his talents on social media, too. DeFreitas and West have every reason to be proud of their kids, as their daughter, Kate West, is a talented actor and artist, according to Meanwhile, the couple's other children include teenagers Birdie, who looks every bit like her mother, and Basil.

With so many talented members in their family, DeFreitas and West could easily pitch another reality television show of their own, but this time it could be more than just a stand-alone episode like they did on "A Baby Story." There's no doubt that "General Hospital" fans would love to have another peek into 'West's World.' Who wouldn't?