General Hospital's Zakary Risinger Has No Regrets Over Being Recast

On "General Hospital," Danny Morgan's parents are Sam McCall and the late Jason Morgan. While Danny hasn't been seen much in Port Charles lately, the show recast his portrayer, Zakaray Risinger, with an older-looking teenager, Asher Antonyzyn. Since the 2023 Halloween episodes featured quite a few youngsters, the show is likely gearing up for a story involving Danny. Risinger took over for Porter Fasullo in 2021, and on Instagram, his parent-operated page posted his debut on November 24 of that year, with a photo of the young boy and the caption, "Excited to finally be able to share that Zakary has joyfully accepted the recurring role of Danny Morgan on @generalhospitalabc airing today! We are so GRATEFUL." 

Also that same day, Starkidz Staff announced Risinger would be playing Danny on X, formerly known as Twitter, and fans marveled at his resemblance to his on-screen dad, Steve Burton. However, after barely two years on the show, Risinger's Instagram page announced disappointing news on November 3, 2023, stating, "The cat is out of the bag that there is a new Danny Morgan in Port Charles. We have known about this for some time and would like to express deep gratitude for the opportunity to play Danny, even for a short time." The post confirmed that Risinger was not upset by the news, adding, "Zak is flooded with opportunity right now, and there is NO sadness."

Risinger has many more opportunities to look forward to

"General Hospital" alum Zakary Risinger's Instagram post shared heartfelt thanks and a positive outlook toward the future, continuing, "This opportunity came for Zakary at a time that was so wonderful for him. We are very excited to see his replacement shine and hope you all will be as kind to him as you have been to us!!!!" His proud parents were more than gracious and explained Risinger's honest feelings about being recast and moving on, stating, "He has worked all 14 years of his life and understands sometimes things have to change or aren't a fit. He is incredibly grateful to be even a small part of the rich history that is 'GH.'" The post then thanked several people involved in his getting the role to begin with and concluded with a hearty, "THANK YOU!"

Enzo De Angelis, who took on the role of Aiden Spencer in August 2021, responded with heart emojis, to which Risinger replied, "@enzocdeangelis our only regret not getting time with you!!!!!" De Angelis, in turn, wrote, "Same!!" A friend lovingly responded with words of encouragement, writing, "Doors close for a reason, and that's because there is another that needs to be opened. Wishing Zak all the successes."

Many fans sent their well-wishes, and we also wish Risinger good luck in his future endeavors!