General Hospital Recasts Danny Morgan To Join New Teen Cast Additions

They say that kids grow up fast, but the kids on daytime television grow up even faster. Because some of the soap opera storylines progress at such a rapid speed, many child actors are SORAS'd, meaning the ages of some of the child characters are accelerated so as to better adjust the timeline of a story. Therefore, they come down with Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome and grow up pretty much instantly.

It happens very often and on almost every daytime television show. Tate and Holly's SORAS recast on "Days of Our Lives" has a lot of fans interested in what's ahead for them in Salem as of fall 2023, while the character Joey Johnson has also been an example of SORAS on the hit Peacock soap, too.

Moving over to "General Hospital," young Danny Morgan, who is the son of Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) has also been SORAS'd with a newcomer taking on the role. His name is Asher Antonyzyn, and from what we know so far, he's about to get a lot of airtime in Port Charles.

Danny Morgan is about to get involved in the teen scene

From what we know about "General Hospital" newcomer Asher Antonyzyn so far, he will join the soap's teen scene as he will most likely be sharing moments with other fellow teen actors such as Enzo De Angelis, who plays Aiden Spencer on the soap, according to Soap Opera News. His first air date will be on October 30, 2023. 

While this might be Antonyzyn's first major acting role, he's been keeping busy juggling his school responsibilities with his modeling these last few years. He's repped by Model Act Studios and according to his Instagram page, has done plenty of runway work in the past. 

So far, Antonyzyn himself has not made any comments about the role. However, there is some speculation that another major "General Hospital" player might come back to Port Charles now that Danny is back: his father, Jason Morgan (Steve Burton)

Even if he doesn't come back right away, there's always a chance that Danny might ask about his father's whereabouts, which might give fans some more clues on whether or not Jason is truly dead. Things are certainly going to get very interesting for Danny's mother Sam McCall, seeing how she'll probably wonder more about Jason now that Danny is entering the teenage years and will most likely want to know more about his father, too.