Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week Of 11/13

The month of November is in full swing, which means the holidays are right around the corner for the citizens of Salem. It's time to celebrate what's important in life: family (when they actually get along), friends (when they aren't betraying you), and significant others (when they aren't pressuring you to become a fugitive and skip town with them). Buckle up, "Days of Our Lives" fans, because we've got a fresh round of spoilers for the upcoming week.

Aside from these storylines, fans can expect to see Melinda attempt to stop Sloan from ruining her relationship with Eric, Leo land in trouble with the law again, Tate and Holly grow close during a difficult time, and Theresa doubt her involvement in Konstantin's plan for Victor's fortune. Currently, the biggest stories revolve around Leo and Dimitri's fate, Sarah and Xander's custody battle, and Nicole giving birth and her missing baby.

For curious fans, here's what's happening on "Days" the week of November 13, 2023.

Nicole goes into labor

On Monday, November 13, Nicole goes into labor on the side of the road. Nicole's pregnancy has been a central storyline for her character as it solidified her relationship with EJ, but everyone is still unaware that the baby is actually Eric's. In the winter preview trailer for "Days," Nicole was shown on the side of the road after a car accident, ready to give birth, and in the aftermath at the hospital, the newborn is missing. Will Nicole and EJ be able to find their child, or will they never reunite with their baby?

Sloan learns about the incident

Sloan discovers that Nicole has given birth after being in a car crash on Tuesday, November 14. Sloan had been in a dark place ever since she miscarried Eric's baby, and now she and Eric are looking to adopt a child. However, with Nicole's baby in the hospital, Melinda finds a way to kidnap the child and deliver it to Sloan under the guise of adoption. It's the perfect opportunity to ruin Nicole's life and finally give Eric a child, but will Sloan be able to keep the secret for much longer?

Dimitri presses Leo to skip town

On Wednesday, November 15, Dimitri tries to persuade Leo to leave Salem with him on the run. Leo and Dimitri have been evading the cops ever since Dimitri escaped from the hospital, but Rafe and Jada are closing in on them fast. The couple will need to make a run for it if they want to stay out of prison, but Leo isn't sure a life on the lam is for him. He loves Dimitri, but does he love him enough to give up everything for him?

Everett comes face to face with Stephanie's ex, Alex

Everett finally meets Stephanie's ex-boyfriend, Alex Kiriakis, on Thursday, November 16. Stephanie and Alex didn't leave their relationship on good terms after he interfered with her friendship with Chad, but now they've tentatively made peace once again. When Everett gets the full story of Alex and Stephanie's fling, it's doubtful he will warm to the Kiriakis heir. Since Everett wants Stephanie back, Chad and Alex are now his competition, and this battle for her heart isn't going to be easy.

Konstantin gives Theresa an order

On Thursday, November 16, Konstantin gives an order to Theresa. As a new character, Konstantin has arrived in Salem under the guise of being Victor's long-time friend, but he's actually scheming with Theresa to get Victor's fortune after being written out of his will. Konstantin has enlisted Theresa to romance Alex Kiriakis in order to secure the money and share it with him, but she's started to develop real feelings for Alex. This order from Konstantin will no doubt complicate her relationship with Alex — and not in a good way.

Sarah accuses Xander of foul play

Tensions run high on Friday, November 17, when Sarah accuses Xander of foul play regarding their custody battle. Xander and Sarah's relationship crumbled to bits after Sarah learned that Xander was suing for full custody of their daughter and trying to make Sarah look like an unfit mother. Sarah is clever and will not stop fighting for her child, even if it means battling her ex-husband. But Xander is also determined and no stranger to bending the law to his will. Would he risk his freedom to get full custody of Victoria?