The Troubling Reason Michael Muhney Got Fired From The Young And The Restless

Michael Muhney won over many soap opera fans by portraying the irredeemable Adam Newman on "The Young and the Restless." His five-year tenure, from 2009 to 2014, saw him deliver some of Adam's most infamous moments, including faking his demise, kidnapping Sharon Collins' (Sharon Case) baby, and causingĀ Delia Abbott's heartbreaking death. Many viewers would agree that Muhney was the most dangerous portrayal of the character, even worse than Mark Grossman, who stepped into the role in 2019.

However, like many characters on "Y&R," Muhney was recast, but for troubling reasons. The actor was let go in December 2013 amidst allegations of sexual harassment from co-star Hunter King, who played Summer Newman. According to TMZ, King reportedly told the producers that Muhney had groped her breasts twice on set without her consent. This damning accusation was believed to be the last straw for the actor, who had also been reported to have trouble with another co-star, soap veteran Eric Braeden.

Michael Muhney denies sexual harassment accusations

The drama of soap operas often spills over into real life, as seen with Michael Muhney's controversial exit from "The Young and the Restless." His departure from the show was heartbreaking for fans and the actor, who denied the accusations. The father of three described the rumors as "disgusting" and hinted that he was let go for a different reason entirely. In an interview with HuffPost, Muhney took the blame for his firing, stating that it was probably due to his attitude on set and being outspoken.

After the sexual allegations, many fans came to Muhney's defense and directed their displeasure toward his co-star Hunter King, who was on "Y&R" from 2012 to 2021. However, Muhney took to Twitter in her defense in 2018. He posted: "Let me be absolutely clear: People sending hateful tweets to @HunterHaleyKing (Hunter King) about me must STOP. That internet rumor was FALSE. It never happened. She NEVER made those accusations. She's a talented actress; let her do her job without this nonsense."

Michael Muhney doesn't want to act in soaps anymore

Michael Muhney has made it clear that his days of soap opera acting are behind him, much to the surprise of his fans. The actor, who started his acting career in primetime, expressed a singular devotion to his "Y&R" character, stating: "I always promised myself I'd only ever play 'Adam' on 'Y&R.' No more. No less. That was the only character I was ever interested in portraying on daytime tele" (via Soap Opera Network). Despite being let go from the soap, devoted fans still clamored for his return, leading to rumors that he might replace his successor, Justin Hartley. However, the rumors didn't become reality.

Despite the bittersweet exit from the show, Muhney still has fond memories of this time playing the prodigal Newman. In his interview with HuffPost, when asked about his favorite moment on the show, he responded: "The very first episode I ever aired. Hearing "Nadia's Theme," I heard the great, booming voice of Peter Bergman say, "The role of Adam Newman will now be played by Michael Muhney." That probably tops it all." Though Muhney might never return to play his favorite soap character, he is still revered as the best of everyone who's ever played Adam on "Y&R."