Princess Diana Once Saved Barbra Streisand From An Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction

Diana, Princess of Wales, might have been fondly nicknamed the People's Princess, but Barbra Streisand's new memoir "My Name Is Barbra" offers a closer look into just how much of a girl's girl the late Lady Di truly was. Streisand's memoir described attending the London premiere of her 1992 film "The Prince of Tides" alongside the Princess.

When the audience began to clap for the film's star, Princess Diana encouraged Streisand to stand up to acknowledge the applause. However, Streisand hesitated, due to royal protocol requiring everyone to stay seated until the Princess rose. Streisand wrote that Diana gave her "a little push" to break the protocol, offering much-needed wardrobe assistance along the way.

"The zipper on my skirt had come down a bit as I was sitting, and she noticed and quickly started to zip it up for me as I got to my feet," the legendary singer wrote in her memoir (via People).

Barbra Streisand remembers Princess Diana's remarks fondly

After Barbra Streisand addressed the audience at the Leicester Square event, which was also a benefit for the AIDS Crisis Trust, she recalled returning to her seat next to Diana, Princess of Wales. "Diana turned to me and asked, 'Do you know how wonderful you are?'" Streisand, at that time already an EGOT winner and at the height of her career, was shocked by the sentiment.

"I certainly didn't know it then," the singer mused. "Did I know it now? I'm not sure ... maybe a little. I thought Diana was wonderful. I wonder if she knew how wonderful she was." The fond memory is even more tragic when one considers another conversation the two icons shared that night, according to fashion mogul and friend of Princess Diana, Roberto Devorik. 

During the 2008 inquest into Princess Diana's premature death, Devorik revealed that he overheard Streisand ask the Princess if she was happy while at the premiere. Diana allegedly replied that her in-laws "think I'm mad, and my husband agrees with them" and "wants her treated in a home" (via The Standard).

Princess Diana wasn't the only connection Barbra Streisand had to the royal family

Years before Diana, Princess of Wales, and Barbra Streisand would sit together at "The Prince of Tides" premiere, Streisand and then Diana Spencer's future husband, who would one day be crowned King Charles III, had a briefly flirty relationship. King Charles — who was then Charles, Prince of Wales — admitted to having "special memories" of Streisand to The Times of London, per Page Six. He recounted visiting the singer while she was working in San Diego, California, and he was stationed at the Southern California city with the Royal Navy in 1974.

"He asked to meet me," Streisand said, offering her side of the story, per People. "So he came to the recording studio. We became friends, and I loved spending some time at Highgrove for a weekend fundraiser and going through his gardens." The "People" singer emphasized that she was only close to Charles before he met Princess Diana. However, the Highgrove visit Streisand mentioned occurred in 1995, three years after Charles and Diana separated.

The quick-witted singer admitted to referencing her bond with Charles onstage while at a 2019 concert in Hyde Park. "I had a very funny line on stage when he came to see [my] show. I said, 'You know, if I played my cards right, I could have wound up being the first Jewish princess!'"