Rumored Reasons Why Prince William And Kate Middleton Stay Together

When Prince William and Kate Middleton walked down the aisle of Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2011, their marriage was touted as a modern fairy tale. And, in many ways, it was. Tens of millions of people across the world tuned in to watch Catherine — the descendant of humble coal miners — say "I do" to the future king of England. Dressed to the nines in an Alexander McQueen gown, the bride was certainly elegant enough to look like a queen-to-be. By the time she became the Princess of Wales just over a decade later, Catherine was already viewed as an accepted senior member of the British royal family.

Naturally, though, William and Catherine's relationship has had its ups and downs since that romantic day back in 2011. According to royal expert Tom Quinn, the couple has been known to have really horrible fights. In an interview with Fox News, Quinn claimed, "But it's not all sweetness. They have terrible rows where they throw things at each other. Kate might seem to be a very calm person, and William also. But it's not always true. Because the big stress for William and Kate is that they're constantly surrounded by [palace aides]."

These sorts of reports have led some royal fans to wonder if William and Catherine's marriage is on the rocks. However, royal experts doubt that they will ever get a divorce. Apparently, the couple's commitment to the crown — and each other — is just too strong.

Royal marriages are different from common ones

From a certain perspective, Prince William and Princess Catherine's 2011 wedding marked the beginning of a marriage like any other. Sure, the bride wore a tiara, and Queen Elizabeth II had a privileged view of the ceremony. But, at the end of the day, William and Catherine seemed as joyful and hopefully in love as any non-royal couple — leading countless publications to declare that they are "just like us."

In the end, though, the Waleses are not "just like us" — and neither is their marriage. While most commoners get hitched based on some combination of love, passion, and affection, the same is not true of the European upper crust. Unlike us, princes and princesses face a tremendous amount of pressure to choose partners who will reflect well on the crown. As royal expert Peter Conradi wrote in his book "The Great Survivors: How Monarchy Made It Into The Twenty-First Century," "Traditionally, royal marriages were not about love, lust, or friendship — they were instead about producing heirs and cementing alliances."

Of course, as modern-day royals, William and Catherine hardly cemented political alliances through their union. However, they still confronted expectations, both to protect the monarchy's image and to produce an heir. What's more, the couple had to convince the public of Catherine's suitability for the position, upgrading her style and altering her way of speaking. Because of the unique nature of this union, divorce seems highly unlikely.

Divorce weakens the monarchy's image

If marrying the right partner has the potential to strengthen the crown, filing for divorce has very much the opposite effect. Because of this, high-ranking royals like Prince William and Princess Catherine are encouraged to stay together no matter what comes their way. In the book "The Great Survivors: How Monarchy Made It Into The Twenty-First Century," royal expert Peter Conradi explained just how seriously most princes and princesses take this obligation. Describing the attitude of European royal families to divorce, Conradi wrote, "Marriage is an institution to be entered into for life. Whatever the ups and downs they have experienced during married life, divorce has never seemed a realistic option."

This is perhaps even more true for William and Catherine, whose marriage has been described as a pillar of the modern monarchy. According to Princess Diana's former butler, Paul Burrell, this means that, for the couple, the pressure is seriously on. Commenting this issue to Slingo, Burrell said, "Kate is in such an incredible position because it all rests on her really, the future rests on Kate and that's an enormous responsibility because if she decided that she didn't want to be a part of her marriage any more then I think the royal family would collapse" (via Mirror). The butler went on to compare Catherine's position to Diana's, noting the way that the public has looked to up both women. "It's not an enviable position to be in," he said.

The House of Windsor wants to avoid further scandal

It might sound like an exaggeration to say that Prince William and Princess Catherine's marriage is essential to the monarchy's future. However, this argument may not actually be so far-fetched. Royal divorces bring a great deal of scandal to the throne, and scandal has a direct impact on the popularity of the monarchy. 

This was certainly the case back in the 1930s when King Edward VIII fell for then-married Wallis Simpson. At the time, this match was considered unseemly, and the fact that Wallis eventually divorced her then-husband hardly made matters any easier. The prime minister, Stanley Baldwin, thought that introducing a divorcée into the royal family would be inappropriate, and half the British public agreed. In the end, Edward abdicated the throne to marry Wallis, generating a constitutional crisis that put the entire British monarchy at risk. 

Six decades later, history seemed to repeat itself when King Charles III — then the Prince of Wales — was granted a divorce from his wife, Princess Diana. The scandal of the couple's split rocked the country, especially as details of Charles' extra-marital affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles became public knowledge. Although Charles did ultimately become king, a survey by Newsweek found that 58% of Brits would have rather seen him abdicate so that William could reign instead. For William and Catherine, this perhaps stands as a strong warning that the public will not support another royal divorce.

Queen Elizabeth II may have warned them not to separate

The late Queen Elizabeth II has largely been credited with saving the British crown after the abdication crisis caused by King Edward VIII. Because of this, the complex dynamics surrounding divorce and monarchy were not lost on her. As one royal source told the Sunday Express in 2006, Elizabeth "inherited a lot of her views from her mother, who was scarred by the King Edward and Wallis Simpson scandal." The insider went on to add that the queen's position in the Church of England reinforced her opinions. "The queen is the head of the church and so from a point of principle, she is opposed to royal divorces."

Interestingly, the same source claimed that Elizabeth was so worried about the way that past divorces had impacted the monarchy that she confronted her grandchildren about the issue. At one point, she was even said to have cautioned Prince William and Princess Catherine, warning them not to split. According to the insider, Elizabeth "witnessed the divorces not just of her sister Princess Margaret, but also those of her three eldest children. She now feels, to put it bluntly, that enough is enough. She does not want to name names, but she is adamant that there are going to be no further royal divorces during her reign." Apparently, this sentiment applied to both of her grandsons, with the source claiming that William and Harry were told to marry "for keeps."

Prince William and Princess Catherine both care a lot about duty

Of course, being told to support the monarchy is one thing, and actually doing it is something else entirely. The case of Prince Harry most obviously illustrates this reality. After all, the redheaded rebel has repeatedly demonstrated that he will always prioritize his family's happiness over the monarchy's image. As for Prince William and Princess Catherine, there is technically nothing preventing them from doing the same thing. If the couple really wanted to separate from the monarchy — or each other — they probably could.

Nonetheless, William and Catherine will likely never do either one of these things, and the reason is simple: The couple feels a strong sense of duty toward the crown. And, experts believe that they are willing to do what is necessary to ensure the survival of the monarchy. As royal expert Nick Bullen told Fox News, "I think it's no mistake that the Sussexes are seen as living this showbiz, celebrity life in Montecito, and the Waleses want to be seen as living a very serious life dedicated to duty and service."

According to Bullen, this sense of commitment to the crown has only grown over time. In his view, William "was always serious about his duty, and he always knew what his destiny was, but now it's there ... I think you can see the seriousness in the Wales' in a way that wasn't there even a year ago."

Prince William suffered enormously during the divorce of his own parents

Political factors are probably not the only things keeping Prince William and Princess Catherine together. The couple likely has personal reasons for maintaining their marriage. Chief among these is perhaps William's own history as a child of divorce. After all, the prince was said to have suffered tremendously during his parents' separation — and he likely does not want Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis to endure the same traumas as he once did.

Speaking with OK!, royal expert Jennie Bond claimed that William knew many of the details about his parents' split (via Yahoo!). The expert alleged, "As [Diana's] marriage collapsed, she would lean on William for support and he would famously pass her tissues and a note under the bathroom door to try to comfort her when she was crying." For the young prince, witnessing his mother's pain probably served as a warning of just how challenging a divorce can be. Bond added, "William probably knew more about marital problems than any young boy should have to know."

To make matters worse, William had to face the press explosion that surrounded his parents' marital issues. Bond told OK!, "I remember talking to the princess during a trip to Japan. The biography of Charles by Jonathan Dimbleby had just been published. She told me the headlines it spawned had been incredibly hurtful for William and Harry and she didn't want them to see the book."

William and Catherine have a partnership that seems to work

It is very possible that Prince William and Princess Catherine have stayed together as a way to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past. However, there is another reason the pair remain married — they seem to work very well together. Indeed, William and Catherine's marriage is not just a romance but also a business partnership. The couple often works together to make sure that their royal tours and public appearances go smoothly. And, based on the rock solid image that the prince and princess project to their fans, the two make a really great team.

Commenting on this matter in an interview with Fox News, royal expert Nick Bullen opined, "I think the secret of the Wales' marriage is that it is very much a partnership." In his view, this is key to the couple's future success. As Bullen noted, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip were able to be effective monarchs because of their collaborative marriage. "Prince Philip and the queen were a partnership ... She might have been the woman on the stamps and the coins and the head of state, but they worked together."

According to Bullen, Catherine supports William's work, and William knows it. The expert explained, "The princess of Wales is very good at managing the prince of Wales. It's a partnership, and he knows how good she is and what a useful tool she is for the royal family."

They have already tried living without each other

Prince William and Princess Catherine project a powerful image to the public, but the couple has had their faire share of troubles. This was especially true in 2007, when the pair were still dating — or, rather, not dating. Indeed, it was reported at the time that William broke up with Catherine, supposedly over concerns that she was not a good fit for palace life. During the time that they were apart, both the prince and his ex-girlfriend were separately spotted at a number of London nightclubs. Each had the chance to show the other what they were missing, and it was not long before the pair reconciled. 

Although this breakup may sound insignificant (it did, after all, only last a couple months), at least one royal expert believes that it will prevent William and Catherine from splitting again. In a conversation with OK!, journalist Jennie Bond explained, "I think one of the best things they did was essentially to have a 'divorce' before they got married ... The short time they spent apart made them see what life would be like without one another. I think it laid the foundation for what appears to be an extremely happy and secure marriage" (via Marie Claire). Bond added, "Being dropped must have hit Catherine's self-confidence at the time, but she has since grown as a woman, as a wife, a mother and as a future queen."

Prince William and Princess Catherine share common interests

It might have taken some time apart to help Prince William and Princess Catherine value their relationship. But, there are many more factors keeping the pair together — including the fact that the couple has several interests in common. As reported by Town & Country, one such interest is mental health research and awareness. Apparently, William and Catherine have dedicated hours to this topic. According to a Kensington Palace statement quoted by the publication, "The Prince and Princess have spent time listening to experts, practitioners and leading organizations as well as people of all backgrounds with a huge range of different mental health experiences." Ultimately, this experience led them to co-found the Heads Together initiative, along with their estranged family member, Prince Harry.

While Harry may be out of the picture as far as William and Catherine are concerned, the Waleses have remained steadfast in their commitment to various mental health-related projects. In 2023, the couple participated in a panel titled "Exploring Our Emotional Worlds," which taught young people about their emotions. In 2022, they also spearheaded the "Mental Health Minute" awareness campaign, which ran on radio stations across the country.

Fascinatingly, these instances of collaboration bode well for William and Catherine's marriage. As relationship expert Stephen J. Betchen, D.S.W. wrote for Psychology Today, "If [partners] share a passion for the same interests, it can bond them for years." Perhaps, then, the Waleses' love for mental health initiatives will keep them together.

Body language experts say that they look as in love as ever

Many couples stay together because they are actually in love, and that is possibly true for Prince William and Princess Catherine, as well. Over the years, the pair has exhibited quite a few public displays of affection. And, at least one body language expert thinks that these adorable moments between the couple are just too cute to fake.

Chatting with us about the couple's interactions, Jess Ponce III, body language expert, communication coach, and author of "A.W.E.S.O.M.E.: Seven Keys to Unlocking the Speaker Within," said that William and Catherine seem to be doing better than ever. "Touch is one of the key signs of intimacy, and [Kate and William] are showing more and more intimate interactions." Referencing a viral TikTok video where Catherine shows William some love, Ponce explained, "You see Princess Kate reach out behind Prince William as he turns around. What initially appears to be her reaching to his lower back as if to help guide him, is now questioned as a longer-than-normal linger."

Although this particular moment did come across as slightly awkward, Ponce attributed this to the Waleses' public role, telling us, "Here we have two people who have grown up with and been groomed to behave in a certain way." The body language expert went on to add, "[William and Catherine] have pushed the boundaries of traditional royal behavior, especially when it comes to their physical interactions. The public notices — and loves it."