Tyler Hynes And Rhiannon Fish Shared An Unscripted Kiss In Hallmark's A Picture Of Her

As a feel-good, family-friendly channel, Hallmark has garnered a reputation for its chaste and innocent kisses. However, the network, which has become must-watch television, has switched things up with some of its newer movies, incorporating slightly more steamy smooches in third-act finales. An example of this comes from the 2023 flick "A Picture of Her," which stars fan-favorite actors Tyler Hynes and Rhiannon Fish.

The last scene of the movie, which features an intimate kiss between the stars before they climb onto a motorcycle, was actually suggested by Hynes, who thought the sequence would round out the film's plotline. "That final scene was something that wasn't originally there," he told TV Fanatic. "I was like, look guys, I think we're missing an opportunity here."

"A Picture of Her" debuted as part of Hallmark's "Spring into Love" seasonal event, with Hynes starring as photojournalist Jake and Fish starring as Beth. The two collide after Beth becomes the unsuspecting subject of a magazine cover, unknowingly becoming involved with the snapshot's photographer, Jake.

Tyler Hynes wanted to close out the movie with a drive

When talking with TV Fanatic, Hallmark veteran Tyler Hynes revealed that he suggested the final scene of "A Picture of Her" because he felt it was a good way to bring the movie's storyline to a close. Shortly before his character snaps the famous picture of Beth, he's seen cruising on his motorcycle, so the two characters driving off into the figurative sunset after sharing a passionate kiss mirrors this early scene in a very satisfying way.

"I'm really glad that we found the time and energy to be able to make that last sort of shot and sequence happen because I think it bookends the movie in a nice way and gives you a nice lasting image that can stay with you," the Hallmark star explained. "I know legally it's tough to get Rhiannon on the back of the bike with me, but there's something to the image of the simplicity of her and I just in that moment together that's sort of deeply simple and romantic."

When talking with MediaVillage, Hynes also revealed that he actually got to ride a motorcycle for the movie, which is something he does in real life. Though it was nearly a missed opportunity due to insurance logistics, the Hallmark star was ultimately able to show off his driving skills. "It lent itself to a certain romance that I hadn't explored yet," Hynes said. "And I think the folks who perhaps follow me wouldn't mind seeing me on a bike in a movie."

Rhiannon Fish commented on her on-screen kisses with Tyler Hynes

The pre-motorcycle kiss featured in the final scene of "A Picture of Her" isn't the only time that Tyler Hynes and Rhiannon Fish locked lips for the film. Before the made-for-TV movie debuted in March 2023, Fish spoke about how the romance flick featured more intimate moments than many of the network's previous movies.

"I've done a few of these Hallmark movies now and there used to just sort of be where there was like the one big kiss at the end," the "A Royal in Paradise" actor told Just Jared. "Now, there's like a midway kiss and the end kiss in this movie."

The kiss, though still PG, was definitely more passionate than some of the chaste pecks we've seen from Hallmark before. However, Fish isn't one to complain about kissing the hunky Hynes. "I sound like a little giggling school girl," she said when discussing the number of smooches she shared with her co-star. "It was a welcome surprise. I was really happy about it."