General Hospital Fans Lose Their Minds Over Ned And Olivia's Underwater Escapade

The November 9, 2023 "General Hospital" episode truly had fans in a tizzy as they thought the writers might be partaking in mind-altering substances. Not only did Deception Cosmetics do a photo shoot with Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson) and a cute alpaca, but Eddie Maine (Wally Kurth) was trying to find inspiration to finish his song by diving into a pond on the Quartermaine estate. One perplexed fan on X, formerly known as Twitter, wrote, "Between the lake and the alpaca, I'm certain that whoever wrote this was high."

Eddie is actually a stage name that Ned Quartermaine used when he was pursuing his dreams of being a rock star back in the 1990s, but after an accident, Ned actually believes he's now Eddie. As his family tried hard not to force him to revert to Ned and rather hoped things would play out naturally and he'd regain his true memories, his ex-wife Lois Cerullo (Rena Sofer) came to Port Charles to help out. He was trying desperately to complete a song he was working on, and Lois advised, "You gotta put yourself into the character in the song. And then you gotta dive right in,"  adding, "You gotta take a leap of faith, Eddie." 

And dive he did, right into a pond, where he got his foot caught in a net. His current wife, Olivia Falconeri (Lisa LoCicero) dove in after him, and the two spent the whole episode underwater. 

Fans were beyond confused

Obviously, when you string together all of the scenes of Olivia and Ned underwater, as she searched for him and realized his foot was trapped during an episode of "General Hospital," it's only a matter of a few minutes in real-time. But to fans, it seemed like they were underwater for an hour. One fan pointed out on X, "They sure can hold their breath a long time and survive in the frigid waters of upstate NY in late November." Another viewer was confused, posting, "What in the world did we watch today..."

One fan walked into the room where her mother was viewing the episode, and upon seeing Ned and Olivia underwater, she asked what was going on. Her mother responded, "Honestly I don't know. Ned jumped in 'cause he's trying to [finish] his song and I guess he thought that would help..." After Ned got his foot caught, memories seemed to start flooding back, which is a moment fans have been waiting for. However, many felt that the payoff was not worth the agony of watching underwater scenes for an hour, and some even felt cheated that the reclamation of his identity was done in what many perceived to be a silly scenario.

At this point, Olivia hasn't been able to truly rescue Ned, so fans will need to wait for the next episode to see if she does, with one follower hilariously remarking, "He's gonna come out with gills and flippers."