Shawn Mendes' New Love: Meet Charlie Travers And What To Know

Shawn Mendes has a short but star-studded dating history. The musician had a brief romance with Hailey Bieber after she and Justin Bieber broke up in 2017, but Mendes and the model ultimately went their separate ways. While Bieber got back together with the "Yummy" singer, Mendes went on to spend two years in a relationship with fellow musician Camila Cabello. The pair went public in 2019, and though they broke up at the end of 2021, they've remained friends — and they even appeared to give their romance another try at the beginning of 2023. 

Though the "Wonder" singer and Cabello were spotted sharing PDA at Coachella and Taylor Swift's Eras tour, their reunion didn't seem to rekindle their relationship. While he and the "Señorita" singer have settled on being friends, Mendes has been spotted with a new love interest: Charlie Travers.

In November 2023, the "Mercy" crooner and Travers enjoyed a spontaneous beach trip followed by a cozy dinner in West Hollywood. The duo stripped down to their underwear to lounge in the sand, and Travers was photographed with her arm around Mendes while they enjoyed their evening meal. Travers is familiar with the world of fame and fortune, but not by topping charts or appearing on the cover of Vogue. She garnered a following after starring on a popular reality competition show, and she's enjoyed an entertainment career ever since. In fact, you likely saw her on television before you heard her name tied to Mendes.

Who is Charlie Travers?

Charlie Travers was born in June 1986, and she was raised in the United Kingdom. She grew up in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, where she enjoyed her childhood with a younger sibling and her two parents — all three of whom she's still very close to today. 

In 2013, Travers stepped into the entertainment industry by participating in a hit reality competition TV show. She was cast in "Big Brother U.K.," and she went as far as becoming a finalist in her season of the popular series. Ahead of the two months she would end up spending in the house, she described herself as "cheeky, naughty, and playful if the mood takes her" — all enticing qualities for a "Big Brother" housemate!

Though she didn't win, Travers' time competing on "Big Brother" inspired her to further pursue a career in entertainment. Before realizing her ambitions in television and other mediums in the industry, Travers worked as a receptionist. 

Charlie Travers is a TV personality and podcaster

After starring in the cast of "Big Brother" in 2013, Charlie Travers pivoted from her job as a receptionist to a career in television and podcasting. Her most prominent project is the reality series "Hollywood Medium," for which she appeared as Tyler Henry's assistant during several seasons of the show. In July 2017, Travers told Daily Star the quirky tale of how she landed the gig. 

"I was in a breakfast place and I went up to this woman and asked what was on her plate," she recalled. "She invited me round to her house on the Sunday and I didn't have many friends so I was like, 'Sure!' I rocked up to this 60-year-old woman's house with all her British friends and she said she really liked me and [I] could do really well here." The woman put Travers in contact with an executive at Burbank Studios, and upon meeting them, the former "Big Brother" housemate shared what she was currently doing career-wise. After learning she was trying to get into TV hosting and was fascinated by the world of psychics, the exec introduced her to Henry.

Additionally, Travers hosted the Grammys "On Location" web series and she was a co-host on "The Dream Catchers," which she described as "a spiritual women's chat show" during her conversation with Daily Star.

She and her mom made history as the first mother-daughter duo on Big Brother

Charlie Travers' experience on "Big Brother" was highly unique: she and her mom, Jackie Travers, were the first-ever mother-daughter duo to compete on the show. Ten years after they entered the famed house, Jackie reflected on the experience during an interview with The Sun in September 2023. 

She mused about what gave her and Charlie an edge to be chosen among the large pool of auditioners, venturing to guess that casting agents were intrigued by a fight they had while filming their audition tape. Jackie explained, "The row started after I told Charlie I'd like to do the cooking in the house. She yelled, 'For God's sake, Mum,' and we argued a lot." Big personalities are a key trait in reality contestants, after all!

Though Jackie was evicted on the fifth week of the 10-week competition, Charlie went on to become a finalist. The television personality ultimately came in fifth place behind two other finalists, the runner-up, and the winner.

Charlie Travers has a younger brother

Charlie Travers has frequently gushed about how important her family is to her on social media. The "Hollywood Medium" alum has a younger brother named Oliver, whom she dotes on in loving Instagram posts. Additionally, she has a close relationship with her sister-in-law, Africa. 

When the pair married in December 2020, Charlie wrote them a heartfelt message on Instagram. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the TV personality decided not to travel to England for the ceremony. Though she admitted it was an incredibly tough choice, Charlie wrote, "I am so thankful I got to witness the entire marriage over Zoom with our loved ones!"

The "Big Brother" finalist shared the post on Christmas, adding, "Usually I'm with my entire family today and I am not with any of them ... so just wanted to dedicate this post to just how much I love my entire family so, so deeply."

She moved to Los Angeles for a change of pace

After "Big Brother" rocked her world, Charlie Travers no longer felt her life belonged in her hometown of Berkhamsted, England. During her 2017 conversation with Daily Star, Travers said she felt energized by the excitement surrounding her in the immediate aftermath of the show, but the buzz quickly faded. 

Feeling like a caged bird, the television personality made a decision that significantly altered her course in the best way possible. She told the outlet, "I decided to book myself an around-the-world ticket, first stop LA." Travers said, "I came to LA and blew all my spending money and never made it round the rest of the world."

Her initial plan didn't work out, but Travers is perfectly content with the way her journey has unfolded. "My life has got better and better and better. I'm completely in love with my life out here," she gushed. Ten years later, she's still living in the City of Angels.

Charlie Travers is close friends with Hollywood Medium star Tyler Henry

Charlie Travers and Tyler Henry began their relationship as colleagues, but they became very close friends after spending so much time together for "Hollywood Medium." They have a long history of sharing heartfelt messages for one another on social media, with Travers once writing, "This boy opened up my world when I met him almost six years ago," alongside a sweet photo of them smiling.

The "Big Brother" alum also penned a touching tribute to Henry for his birthday in 2019. Travers gushed about some of her favorite memories from their friendship, including going to restaurants in their pajamas, sleepovers that included more late-night chatting than sleeping, and assisting Henry with his first on-camera celebrity reading. 

"I love you and you've brought so much joy into my life," Travers wrote, adding, "Working with you is an absolute pleasure, and long may it continue."

Her dating history includes two former Big Brother contestants

Before Charlie Travers was romantically linked to Shawn Mendes, she briefly dated two former "Big Brother" contestants. While she was a housemate in 2013, Travers started a relationship with fellow contestant Dexter Koh, who finished the competition in second place. Koh called Travers his "soul mate" during a confessional taping, but their romance didn't last long after it left the set of the reality show.

Travers also was reported to have a short relationship with U.S. "Big Brother" contestant Kyland Young in 2021. The two seem to have known one another before Young began his stint on the reality show — in July 2021, Travers made an Instagram post praising Young's dedication to being cast in the competition. The "Hollywood Medium" alum wrote, "@kylandyoung worked unreasonably hard to prepare for this game, endless hours of game playing on his phone, hours of research/studying every past season of BB, adjusted his sleep schedule for the house, exercise, & general practice and has everything he needs to win this game show!"

A few days later, Travers made another Instagram post wishing Young a happy birthday. She gushed on and on about her beau's admirable qualities in the lengthy tribute, which partially read, "You are an incredibly special & remarkable human being and are deeply loved by so many because you love so unconditionally to so many!" As the posts are still live, it seems the former couple separated on good terms.

Charlie Travers has recorded music

Charlie Travers and Shawn Mendes have at least one shared interest: music. Mendes is of course well-known as an award-winning musician, topping charts with hit songs including "Stitches," "In My Blood," "Treat You Better," and many more. 

While Travers' foray into music is nowhere near as robust, she has recorded and released two singles. In November 2020, she announced her song "Gotta Stop" on Instagram, sharing a soundbite of the tune alongside the single's cover art. And though she doesn't appear to have promoted it on social media, Travers dropped another single titled "Outline of My Body" in 2021. Both songs are available for streaming on Spotify, where they've garnered almost 100,000 and 52,000 streams, respectively.

With Mendes' experience as a guest coach on "The Voice," we wouldn't be surprised if he lends a helping hand in his new flame's musical aspirations. If their newfound relationship turns into a long-term romance, perhaps we'll even hear them record a song together as Mendes previously did with Camila Cabello.

She loves sharing motivational messages on social media

In addition to television and music, Charlie Travers also seems to be very passionate about self-love, motivational messages, and positive thinking. For years, she has frequently shared uplifting posts on Instagram — some of them include quotes by other people, and others feature long notes about her personal experiences and what can be learned from them. 

In July 2021, Travers came back from a social media hiatus to confess that life had been challenging her, but she overcame the adversity and wanted to share what she had learned to help others who may be struggling in a season of their lives. 

"Every time something really difficult or scary happens for me ... I usually panic, plummet and can't imagine a way out or it being all okay again but then every time it always is!" she wrote. Travers explained that she had to recognize that her mood and outlook are a choice, and being able to see that was a game-changer for her mental health. The television personality wrote: "I see so clearly why everything happened how it did; to literally teach me things that I needed to learn to up-level for the next chapter & life I want to lead."