Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week Of 11/20

It's the week of Thanksgiving on "Days of Our Lives," which means that families are getting ready to gather around the table and celebrate what they're thankful for this year: messy custody battles, baby switches, illegal drug fronts, and of course, getting to spend another year in Salem. Get ready "Days of Our Lives" fans, because we've got a new week of spoilers for you.

Right now, the biggest storylines are about Chad and Stephanie's precarious relationship, Ava's new conflict with her job, the drama surrounding Nicole giving birth, and Paulina and Abe growing closer. Viewers of the soap can also expect to see a change in Sarah and Xander's custody battle, the tension between Theresa and Brady come to a head, Ava's new job putting her in a dangerous position, and the DiMera family receiving some devastating news. 

For fans who want to know, here's what is going to happen on "Days of Our Lives" the week of November 20, 2023.

Xander makes a choice regarding the custody suit

On Monday, November 20, Xander makes a decision about his custody battle with Sarah. Viewers have seen the two exes go head-to-head over the past couple of weeks as they both want full custody of their daughter. However, Sarah and Xander used to love each other, and those feelings just don't go away; could Xander soften toward Sarah and forgive her for trying to keep him away from their child, or will he continue to try to make Sarah look like an unfit mother so he can win full custody?

Paulina tasks Harris to investigate Salem's drug crisis

Paulina assigns Harris to a new investigation on Monday, November 20. The newest addition to the Salem P.D. is tasked with finding the root of Salem's drug problem, which will no doubt lead Harris to the newest drug front in town, the Bistro, now run by his love interest Ava. Love complicates everything, so when Harris finds out that Ava is connected to the drug business in Salem, there's no telling if his loyalty to her is stronger than his loyalty to his new job.

EJ tries to support Nicole

EJ offers support to Nicole on Tuesday, November 21. After Nicole's harrowing labor on the side of the road and having her baby taken from her, she's sure to be in a state of panic. Nicole has wanted a child for so long, and her and EJ were so excited to be having a baby together; thinking that they've lost their baby will take a toll on their relationship. Could this be the end for them, or are EJ and Nicole strong enough to pull through together?

Sloan tells Eric some exciting news

On Wednesday, November 22, Sloan has some exciting news for Eric. The couple has been moving forward in the adoption process with Melinda as their attorney, but when Melinda kidnaps Nicole's baby and offers it to Sloan, she can't refuse the offer. Fans will see Sloan try to explain her news of a baby to Eric without giving away the source of the child, which might lead Eric to wonder how they got a child so fast. Whether or not he suspects Sloan of foul play is yet to be seen, but like all secrets in Salem, it's bound to come out one way or another.

Chanel has suspicions about Holly

On Thursday, November 23, Chanel starts having suspicions about Holly. The tension between the two has been building since Holly realized her feelings for Chanel's boyfriend Johnny, and now Holly is out to get Johnny for herself. She's been subtly pursuing him behind Chanel's back, but now that her feelings are growing, it's going to become harder to hide. Chanel just reunited with Johnny, and won't let her love go without a fight; Holly better watch her back.

Paulina and Abe have a memorable moment

Paulina and Abe share a memorable moment on Friday, November 24. Abe and Paulina have been through the wringer over the past couple of months, ever since he was kidnapped by Whitley King and lost his memory. He's been trying to get along with Paulina as an amnesiac, and the two are finally in a good place. As they grow closer, Abe is slowly falling in love with his wife all over again. Will he finally remember their love story after all this time?