Haul Out The Holly's Melissa Peterman On How Lacey Chabert Made Filming So Special - Exclusive

The Hallmark Channel is known for bringing in some of Hollywood's most beloved actors to star in its holiday films, including Lacey Chabert. The "Mean Girls" actor began starring in Hallmark films in the early 2010s, making her one of the family-friendly brand's most recognizable actors.

Chabert's "Haul Out the Holly," the 2022 comedic Christmastime flick, was so well-received that it spawned the upcoming sequel, "Haul Out the Holly: Lit Up." The original "Haul Out the Holly" is filled with all the funny, wholesome moments Hallmark Channel fans have come to know and love — not to mention it featured an all-star cast. Along with Chabert, the cast included Melissa Peterman, Wes Brown, Stephen Tobolowsky, and Ellen Travolta.

Peterman is no stranger to the small screen. The funnywoman starred in a variety of popular TV series, including "Reba," "Pretty the Series," and "Young Sheldon." Although she's had several small roles in Hallmark movies in the past, "Haul Out the Holly" marked the first time the actor showcased her chops in a major role on the network. Playing Pamela was extra special to Peterman, not because it was her first big role with Hallmark, but also because she was able to work with Chabert. According to Peterman, having Chabert as her co-star made filming the cute holiday flick even more special. 

During an exclusive interview with The List at Hallmark's Countdown to Christmas Holiday Celebration on November 15, Peterman told us exactly what it was like working with the Christmas Queen herself on the set of "Haul Out the Holly."

Chabert brought out the best in everyone, Peterman says

Melissa Peterman was determined to work with Hallmark queen Lacey Chabert on a Christmas film, jokingly admitting to The List that she had "bugged" Chabert on several occasions about collaborating on a Hallmark holiday movie. After Peterman read the initial script for "Haul Out the Holly" and saw the part Chabert was playing, she knew this was the film that could make the collab happen.

Peterman recalled that she and the rest of the cast felt "starstruck" when Chabert first walked on the set. The "Not Another Teen Movie" actor had an energy about her that Peterman likened to a previous co-star: legendary entertainer Reba McEntire. "[Reba] led the set with such grace, and she was such a great leader, and made sure everyone felt respected and had a great time," Peterman reminisced. Peterman felt Chabert evoked that same sense of grace and leadership during filming. "On that set, she makes sure everyone feels welcomed, and that it's going to be a great environment to work and brings out everybody's best," she explained.

It's not the first time Peterman and Chabert have worked together, though. The actors first worked together on the TV series "Baby Daddy," which featured Peterman as Bonnie Wheeler and Chabert in a guest arc as Dr. Amy Shaw.  

"Haul Out the Holly: Lit Up" premieres on the Hallmark Channel on November 25 at 8/7c.