Are HGTV's Keith Bynum And Evan Thomas Still Engaged? It's Complicated

Comparable to couples like Chip and Joanna Gaines, Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas are one of many HGTV pairs that are both romantic partners and renovation collaborators. In addition to hosting "Bargain Block," in which they restore abandoned properties in Detroit, Bynum and Thomas have been in a committed relationship since 2013 and engaged since 2017.

With their show kicking off in 2021, the couple has long received questions about their much-anticipated nuptials. Though their HGTV fame seemed to contribute to their long engagement, Bynum and Thomas have revealed that they simply have little interest in actually tying the knot.

"People ask us about this wedding stuff all the time," Bynum said during an October 2023 interview with Instinct Magazine. "I don't know how to tell them that we have, like, zero interest in weddings." While the two remain committed to one another, they don't seem to have any interest in moving forward with a legal ceremony, leaving the status of their engagement up in the air.

The couple is happy with the current state of their relationship

Though Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas acknowledged the importance of having marriage as an option, referring to the historic political movement to legalize gay marriage, the HGTV couple expressed that they weren't sure if they were personally interested in exercising this right.

"We don't care to be bound legally by the state," Bynum told Instinct Magazine, acknowledging that it's not the answer people are looking for when asking about wedding plans. Thomas added, "It's not like I don't want to be bound." Each HGTV host mentioned some personal hesitations they have about committing to a wedding, with Thomas saying that he didn't like the idea of how much a wedding would cost.

"I also hate the idea of a bunch of people staring at me the entire time," Bynum added, mentioning that he already receives a lot of undue focus in his day-to-day life. Thomas and Bynum rounded out their discussion of marriage with a pretty significant reason behind their uncertainty. "We've already [felt] like we are married," Thomas said. "So, I mean it wouldn't change anything in any meaningful way. Other than tax law, I guess."

Bynum and Thomas are still building their life together

It makes sense that Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas already feel like they're living the married life, as the two continue to set down roots together. Besides creating their HGTV brand together, the two have also worked on a super personal renovation project, with Bynum sharing snapshots of the duo's updated "forever home" on Instagram, providing some insight into the life they're building together.

"Our house was such a special project because we've lived here long enough to know what we wanted in a forever home," the designer captioned the post, featuring interior shots of their Detroit home. "Getting to see our vision come to life was amazing. It was a lot of hard work but it was so worth it."

The renovation duo also bought a property in northern Michigan together, sharing a photo of the house on Instagram back in August 2023. "To me, that was our 10-year purchase," Bynum told Pride Today, referencing their ten years of being together. "It is a nice thing to have someplace to be off the grid. We need that reconnection time."