Hallmark Star Holland Roden Has A Tight Bond With Former Co-Star Colton Haynes

Holland Roden made a striking debut on the must-watch Hallmark channel in the 2022 made-for-TV movie "Time for Him to Come Home for Christmas" and has since gone on to star in the music-centered romance "Making Waves." While we love these feel-good projects, long-time fans of the actor know that she got her Hollywood start long before Hallmark.

Roden is most known for playing Lydia Martin on the MTV series "Teen Wolf," which ran from 2011 to 2017. While the show came to a close after six seasons, the Hallmark star has maintained a tight bond with her former co-star Colton Haynes. "We've known each other for 14 years," Roden said in a YouTube video. "We've spent a lot of time together on and off set, but especially off set because we were actual roommates for many years."

While Roden and Haynes reunited alongside other cast members for the 2023 flick "Teen Wolf: The Movie," the two have maintained a friendship off camera. Not only have they been spotted on each other's Instagram pages, but they've also opened up about their friendship on Roden's podcast.

The actors talk fondly about connecting over Teen Wolf

In the rewatch podcast "Howler Back Now with Holland Roden," Colton Haynes and Holland Roden discussed their shared "Teen Wolf" experiences, with Haynes crediting their budding friendship for cementing Lydia and Jackson as recurring characters. "We just talk to each other like siblings," he said about him and Roden. "So, they saw, I guess, our chemistry ... The whole group of us fit so well together that they offered us series regular roles halfway through the pilot." 

Roden went on to explain that her first impression of Haynes was "boy band central," but that she was soon proved incorrect. A longstanding friendship actually sprung from their "Teen Wolf" connection, with the Hallmark star mentioning that they lived together in the two years leading up to the pandemic. 

The actors actually got to work together again for "Teen Wolf: The Movie," the 2023 special in which they reprised their original roles. "It's weird to work with Holland because we're so close and we mess each other up," Haynes mentioned during a convention panel. Roden added that the first scene back was particularly hard, explaining, "We kept laughing and I was like, 'We cannot do this, dude. We have to, like, focus.'"

Roden and Haynes celebrated his 2017 wedding

Holland Roden and Colton Haynes might've played toxic love interests on "Teen Wolf," but the Hallmark star has had no issue supporting her friend's real-life romances. Back in October 2017, Haynes married his then-partner Jeff Leatham in a star-studded wedding celebration.

The event, which was held at a Palm Springs hotel, consisted of a ceremony officiated by Kris Jenner and featured guests such as Sofia Vergara, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Chelsea Clinton, and Billie Lourd. Alongside former castmates like Dylan O'Brien and Charlie Carver, Roden was also in attendance, showing out to support her long-time friend. Not only was she captured in a now-deleted Instagram photo with Haynes and O'Brien, but she also took to her own page to commemorate the event.

"My love of loves ❤️ CONGRATULATIONS Dearest Colton to the 🌛 and back," she captioned a photo of her Haynes, and Carver. "To some damn fine (oh so honest) friendship from some damn fine men WE CELEBRATE TONIGHT!" Roden's attendance at Haynes' special event is just one example of the two's enduring bond.