Inside Bradley Cooper's Relationship With Carey Mulligan

Bradley Cooper is the kind of friend that a lot of people in Hollywood would like to call their own, and thankfully for his "Maestro" co-star Carey Mulligan, she's one of them. There's been a lot of speculation about all of the people that are in Bradley Cooper's inner circle, but the actor doesn't talk about them very much. Cooper has always been fiercely private, but he has made some good friends in the industry thanks to his on-screen work. And when he opens up, he opens his entire world to the people he cares the most about. Speaking about his friendship with his "A Star Is Born" co-star Lady Gaga, Cooper told Entertainment Weekly in 2018, "She knows everything about me — everything. There is not one thing she doesn't know, and I believe the same for me."

Similarly, the same can be said about Cooper's friendship with Mulligan. It should come as no surprise given how devoted they are to their craft, but the leading duo of "Maestro" formed an intense bond through their work together.

Bradley Cooper and Carey Mulligan bared their souls to one another

Bradley Cooper and Carey Mulligan knew that the best way for them to connect while they were working on their film "Maestro" was to be as open with each other as possible. In an interview with Vogue, the Hollywood duo discussed how they prepped for their roles as Leonard Bernstein and his wife, Felicia Montealegre. Cooper told the fashion bible that the two of them were going to give all or nothing. He recalled, "I said, 'Will you go down this road where we're basically going to bare our souls to each other?'"

In the same interview, Mulligan also told the publication that her Cooper encouraged her to try a new method of acting that's like a "dream workshop." She explained, "I guess Bradley's been doing this kind of thing forever, using your dreams to connect your subconscious to the characters, but it was new to me."

Cooper's idea of going all in with his co-star seemed to have worked in their favor, as the reviews for "Maestro" have been mostly positive, per The New York Times. But the fact that Cooper and Mulligan also have a history between them has surely helped their on-screen and off-screen chemistry, too.

Bradley Cooper is also that friend who helps when in need

It was probably very easy for Bradley Cooper to ask Carey Mulligan to trust him, as they developed an interesting connection years before they began working on "Maestro." Once, Cooper came to the rescue when Mulligan suffered from an onstage injury while she was working on the Off-Broadway play "Girls and Boys," according to Playbill

While on "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert" in 2018, Mulligan explained that during one of her scenes, the curtain came crashing down on her head. The director took her to her dressing room, and out of all the people in the world, Cooper was there. She recalled, "I was also crying on the floor in my dressing room. He came and got down on the floor with me and took me to urgent care." Needless to say, Cooper really is that friend who goes all out. Mulligan can consider herself a lucky girl.