The 14 Most Expensive Items From Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen's Luxury Fashion Brand

Though they became famous for their child acting careers, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen are now famous for their fashion lines. Their luxury fashion brand The Row, founded in 2006, is heralded among industry peers and high-fashion savants for its timeless silhouettes, lush fabrics, immaculate tailoring, neutral color palettes, and simple yet extraordinarily elevated — and slightly eccentric — pieces. With such carefully crafted collections comes a price tag to match — a basic t-shirt costs upwards of $300, while more intricate garments are priced well into the five figures. 

Aside from producing remarkable pieces, the mystique of The Row — much like that of the Olsens themselves, who are ultra private — is a driving force of its success. The brand mostly forgoes traditional marketing strategies, with the twins declining interviews and avoiding social media. They let their pieces speak for themselves, a bold and uncommon strategy that's garnered public interest and respect. 

Largely considered the prime embodiment of "quiet luxury," the brand's identity is steeped in wealth just as much as anonymity. To fully understand the spending habits of its customer base, look no further than the lack of a price sorting filter on The Row's website. From Meghan Markle to Zoë Kravitz, the world's elite are commonly spotted wearing the logo-less brand. The Row is genuinely about impeccable, lavish design — and, while the exceptional quality of the brand's pieces is indisputable, the wildly exorbitant price tags of its 14 most expensive items are enough to make the average person balk.

Watson Coat in Shearling, $15,000

As of November 2023, The Row's most expensive item is the Watson Coat in Shearling, priced at $15,000. The knee-length outerwear garment is Italian made using 100% lambskin leather. The inside is lined with luxurious 100% silk, while the exterior features rich black shearling, otherwise known as sheep's wool. The exquisite piece also includes a single-breasted silhouette with a hidden closure at the front, as well as pockets sewn into the side seams. Available in women's sizes 0 through 14, the coat can only be purchased at one of The Row's three brick-and-mortar stores in New York, Los Angeles, or London.

Adia Coat in Cashmere, $14,900

The second-most expensive item for sale is the Adia Coat in Cashmere, priced at $14,900. Italian made of 100% cashmere, the piece features a draping robe silhouette and a floor-length hem. An exceptionally wide shawl collar billows from the neckline down the sleeves for a cape-like effect, with the draping continuing to the bottom. The Adia Coat is fastened with a wrap-around closure, and, like the Watson Coat, it's lined with 100% silk and has side-seam pockets. Shoppable in-store only, the taupe-y, olive green garment comes in women's sizes XS through XL.

Dina Jacket in Cashmere, $13,900

For exactly $1,000 less than the Adia Coat, The Row's Dina Jacket in Cashmere could be yours for $13,900. The billowing cape jacket is handmade in Italy from 100% cashmere, which is seen both on the outside and inside of the garment. The warm-toned taupe item features a modest scoop neck, mid-thigh hem, fluttering cape sleeves, and hidden closures. Available in women's sizes XS/S and M/L, purchasing the jacket requires a trip to New York, Los Angeles, or London. We're sure that, like us, you'd love to be so wealthy you'd travel cross-country — or internationally — just to buy a coat!

Prisheella Coat in Cashmere, $12,500

Another of The Row's signature traits is its propensity for androgynous and masculine silhouettes. The perfect example is the brand's next-most expensive item, the Prisheella Coat in Cashmere. Retailing for $12,500, the double-faced cashmere outerwear garment features modest shoulder pads, collarless silhouette, vertical besom pockets, and calf-length hem. Like The Row's other cashmere coats, the taupe-colored Prisheella is handmade in Italy of luxurious fabric. Additionally, you'll also have to travel to one of the fashion house's three stores to purchase the oversized coat, which is shoppable in women's sizes XS through XL.

Devitt Coat in Leather, $12,500

If you're not feeling the Prisheella Coat for $12,500, The Row has another item you can purchase at the same price: the Devitt Coat in Leather. Made in Italy, the knee-length camel-colored jacket is crafted from 100% calfskin leather with 100% silk lining the inside. The crisp coat features a collared neckline, hidden closures, removable waist tie, and side-slanted besom pockets. To add the timeless coat to your closet, you'll also have to travel to one of The Row's brick-and-mortar stores to purchase your size — the Devitt is offered in women's XS through XL — in person.

Mono Dress in Cashmere, $11,900

The Row's Mono Dress in Cashmere, retailing for $11,900, is next. Available in women's sizes 0 through 14, the black maxi dress features a single-shoulder silhouette with one billowing long sleeve and draping fabric at one hip. The diagonal neckline is crisp, as is the straight ankle-length hem and column shape of the sleeveless side. Handmade in Italy, like the label's other creations, the Mono Dress is constructed from double-facing 100% cashmere and has a hidden zipper to maintain its appearingly seamless silhouette. Like the other pieces on this list, this dress requires a visit to New York City, Los Angeles, or London to purchase.

Arpa Coat in Cashmere, $11,900

If you're all in on The Row's Mono Dress and have pockets deep enough to purchase a jacket to complete the look, the label's Arpa Coat in Cashmere would make for a gorgeous monochromatic moment. Also priced at $11,900 and crafted from double-faced cashmere, the black calf-length coat features raglan shoulders, extended lapels, side-slanted besom pockets, and a single-button closure at the hips. To snag the Italian-made garment, available in women's sizes XS through XL, you must visit one of the brand's stores. For those who've long been fans of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, having a "New York Minute" moment feels like a must.

Notte Coat in Cashmere, $11,500

For $400 less, The Row's stunning Notte Coat in Cashmere could be yours. Retailing for $11,500, the cream-colored calf-length garment features an oversized, double-breasted silhouette with wide sleeves and a slightly flared hem. One side overlaps atop the other and fastens with two hidden closures. Additionally, it includes side-seam pockets and a built-in scarf with a lush draping effect. Unlike the previously mentioned cashmere pieces, the Notte Coat is crafted from 100% cashmere on the outside and 100% silk on the inside. Made in Italy, the cozy coat is available in women's sizes XS through XL and, you guessed it, must be purchased in-store.

Atis Coat in Cashmere, $10,900

Breaking into the $10,000 range is the Atis Coat in Cashmere by The Row, priced at $10,900. The black outwear garment has the look of a classic peacoat with a few subtly elevated elements. Handcrafted in Italy from 100% cashmere on the outside and 100% silk lining on the inside, the coat features drop shoulders, wide-notched lapels, and double-breasted closures. With an oversized, slouchy fit and a mid-thigh hem, the Atis has an effortlessly cool, masculine vibe. Choose from women's sizes XS through XL at The Row's New York City, Los Angeles, or London location.

Mildina Coat in Cashmere, $10,900

Foraying into a vampire-chic aesthetic is The Row's $10,900 Mildina Coat in Cashmere. The black cape coat, handcrafted in Italy from 100% double-facing cashmere, features a straight calf-length hem and round, padded shoulders for a coffin-like effect. With hidden closures and arm slits for sleeves, the coat has a distinctly gothic vibe. Honestly, if any celebrities are actually vampires, our first guess would be the elusive twin designers. Bring the fantasy to life by transforming into a bat and flying to a Row storefront to make the coat yours, and select from women's sizes XS through XL.

Milda Coat in Cashmere, $10,200

The next most expensive item from The Row is the Milda Coat in Cashmere, not to be confused with the previously mentioned Mildina Coat in Cashmere. The two are virtually identical, save for the length. While the Mildina Coat features a calf-length hem, the Milda coat has a floor-length hem. That said, the longer of the two is, oddly enough, $700 less than the shorter version. We don't quite understand the logic behind the pricing, but if you want to embody Dracula's gothic persona, you can snag it in women's sizes XS through XL for $10,200 at one of The Row's three stores.

Priske Coat in Cashmere, $9,990

Finally (and barely) breaking out of The Row's five-figure range is the next most-expensive selection, priced at $9,990: the red Priske Coat in Cashmere. If you're thinking the outerwear garment looks familiar, that's because it's a more crisply tailored, feminine version of the Prisheella Coat. The 100% double-facing cashmere coat features the same calf-length hem, reversed lapels, vertical besom pockets, and lightly padded shoulders, but the material appears less heavy and hugs the frame slightly more than the masculine Prisheella Coat. Like most other pieces, the Priske Coat is available in women's sizes XS through XL at one of The Row's brick-and-mortar stores.

Prisha Dress in Cashmere, $9,850

Clocking in at $9,850 is The Row's Prisha Dress in Cashmere. The vampy black dress has a unique backward-facing silhouette, with reversed lapels, besom pockets, and plunging slit in the back. The front of the dress features a wide scoop neck and a slit up the center of the hem, which is mirrored in the back as well. Quite similar to the Priske Coat, the double-faced 100% cashmere dress has rounded shoulder pads and is handmade in Italy. The posh piece is available in women's sizes XS through XL in-store only.

Anderson Coat in Cashmere, $9,250

Though there are other extraordinarily expensive pieces from The Row, our final mention is the $9,250 Anderson Coat in Cashmere. The sandy-colored double-breasted jacket is also made in Italy. The outer layer is 100% cashmere, while the inside is 100% black silk. Menswear inspired, the coat features a slightly oversized fit, drop shoulders, peak lapels, and front flap pockets. The mocha-colored buttons lining the jacket's closure also line the sleeve cuffs, albeit in smaller-sized fasteners. The below-the-knee hem coat, available in women's sizes XS through XL, can be bought in New York City, Los Angeles, or London at The Row's exclusive storefronts.