Days Of Our Lives Star Nadia Bjorlin Had A Fling With Bruce Willis Before Meeting Her Husband

In the early 2000s, "Days of Our Lives" star Nadia Bjorlin made headlines for her personal life as much as she did for her professional one. That's because the soap actor, who is best known for her role as Chloe Lane, had a fling with Hollywood actor Bruce Willis before she met and fell in love with her husband, Grant Turnbull. Yes, the same Bruce Willis who starred in "Die Hard" and was married to Demi Moore. It's not very often that you hear Willis' name in the same sentence as a daytime television star, but he and Bjorlin had a very low-key romance together.

Willis has also had short affairs with the likes of Kim Cattrall, Rachel Hunter, and several models in the past, but it's the time he spent with Bjorlin that "Days" fans are the most interested in. That's because Willis had a very high-profile and public relationship with his ex-wife, yet he kept things secretive when he began dating Bjorlin. Not only that, but the two lovebirds were in very different places in their lives when they met.

Nadia Bjorlin and Bruce Willis had a significant age gap

Bruce Willis might have a thing for beautiful brunettes. After he and Demi Moore finalized their divorce in October 2000, he was on the prowl in Hollywood. In 2001, he told "Good Morning America" that he was taking a very easygoing approach to love, especially after his split from Moore changed his life. He said that year, "I think I'm just doing what everybody else on earth is doing, and that is trying to find someone that they can spend some time with."

Well, Willis didn't have to look too hard because he reportedly started dating "Days of Our Lives" beauty Nadia Bjorlin not long after his split from Moore, according to Soap Hub. What was interesting about their relationship when they met was that Willis was a recent divorcee, middle-aged, and had three children. He also had some big box office films credited to his name. Meanwhile, Bjorlin was in her early twenties and was only known to daytime television fans.

Willis might not have thought much about the age gap with Bjorlin, as he's also had relationships with Brooke Burns and Emma Heming, who were also significantly younger than the actor. But the difference in their ages and the stages in their lives could have led to Willis and Bjorlin ending things.

Nadia Bjorlin and Bruce Willis had families with other people

Bruce Willis and Nadia Bjorlin's breakup remains as mysterious as their entire relationship. After they parted ways, Willis met and fell in love with model Emma Heming in 2007, and they later tied the knot in 2009. They went on to have two daughters together, in addition to the three adult kids Willis shares with Demi Moore.

Bjorlin dated her "Days of Our Lives" co-star Brandon Beemer until 2013, who was much closer to her age. Bjorlin also found everlasting love when she married entrepreneur Grant Turnbull in a lavish Palm Springs wedding in 2015, as detailed by Fox News. The couple have two children, Torin Mathias and Viggo Sebastian. 

Bjorlin told Soap Opera Digest in 2017 that she always knew marriage and kids would be in the cards for her. She said, "It's amazing how life changes. I always knew I wanted to have kids, but I never knew what that looked like. I was also never the girl who really imagined my wedding or how that was going to be." The actor loves to share the highlights of her behind-the-scenes life on her Instagram, including cute pics of herself, Turnbull, and their growing children. Unlike her relationship with Willis, Bjorlin's personal life is no secret anymore.