How To Watch TLC's Forgotten Makeover Series Love, Lust Or Run

Without a doubt, TLC has some of the most memorable reality TV shows out there. The channel never fails to give fans one great show after the other, from "My Big Fat Fabulous Life" to "90 Day Fiancé." Along with shows revolving around dating and family life, TLC is king when it comes to makeover shows, and perhaps one of their most iconic makeover shows is "What Not to Wear." Hosted by the ever-classy Clinton Kelly and Stacy London, "What Not to Wear" became iconic for its jaw-dropping fashion transformations and sassy quips from its hosts.

Once the show ended in 2013, fans were left wondering what happened to Stacy London and Clinton Kelly. You'll be happy to know that half of the fashion-forward duo brought all their sass and styling tips to a new makeover show. Premiering right off the heels of "What Not to Wear," "Love, Lust or Run" features London coming to the rescue of people in desperate need of a fashion renovation. Using her beauty expertise, London saves fashion victims from themselves by toning down their over-the-top looks.

The long-forgotten TV show ran for three entire seasons before sadly coming to an end. Unless you're lucky enough to stumble upon a rerun, it will be hard to catch the entirety of the show on TV. It's even harder if you don't have cable to watch your favorite TLC shows. Fortunately, there is a way to catch "Love, Lust or Run" without having to scroll endlessly through your TV guide in hopes of catching a glimpse. Check out any of the following services and you'll have "Love, Lust or Run" right at your fingertips. And yes, we do mean all three seasons.


You can watch "Love, Lust or Run" on Vudu. Vudu is a great option for anyone who doesn't want to add another monthly subscription to their growing list. You can watch both free and paid content on Vudu all without the monthly charge. Instead, users can sign up for either a free account or a paid account. With a free account, you can watch free content with ads. If you opt for a paid account, you'll gain access to Vudu's premium, ad-free content. The layout of Vudu should be familiar to those subscribed to Hulu or Netflix. Its large, clear interface makes scrolling for your next show simple and enjoyable (if not a bit addicting).

Vudu has a purchase option for certain shows and movies. This is what you'll need to navigate to if you want to watch Stacy London work her magic on "Love, Lust or Run." Each thrilling episode of the TLC show is available to buy for $1.99 in SD quality and $2.99 in HD quality. There is also an option to purchase each season for a higher price.

Google Play

Reality TV fans, look no further than Google Play to fulfill your desire for drama and wackiness. Formerly known as the Android Market, the popular digital distribution service has hundreds of binge-worthy TV shows available for you to sink your teeth into, and that includes "Love, Lust or Run." It also has plenty of other TLC favorites, such as "Say Yes to the Dress" and even "What Not to Wear," so you'll always have another series to jump into once you're ready to move on to something else.

Like Vudu, Google Play lists "Love, Lust or Run" as purchasable content. You can pick up an episode for just $1.99 each or buy an entire season in HD for $19.99. Google Play is versatile and allows users to watch their bought content directly from their PC, tablet, smartphone, or smart TV. That means you can watch Stacy London pick apart outrageous outfits from the comfort of your couch or even when you're on the go.


All three seasons of "Love, Lust, or Run" are currently available on Tubi. If you're feeling the drain from your monthly streaming subscriptions, we recommend giving Tubi a try. It's a dream come true for movie and TV buffs on a budget. Instead of asking their subscribers for money every month like Netflix and other streaming services, Tubi offers all its content for free with a few ads. You can watch your favorite TV shows and movies without having to spend a dime.

Tubi offers a rotating selection of content, so you'll always have something new to watch. Another upside to Tubi is that you don't even have to create an account to start watching "Love, Lust, or Run." You can simply press play and dive right into the juicy "makeunder" goodness. If you want to bookmark your favorite shows and find content that is more tailored to your taste, we do recommend signing up for an account. It's completely free. But if you're looking to pad your playlist with original content, you may want to look elsewhere. Unlike Netflix, Tubi doesn't offer original shows.

Happy watching!