How Megan Fox Uses Her Relationship Experience To Raise Her Sons

Megan Fox has had her fair share of bad romances. From the start, Fox's relationship with Machine Gun Kelly was full of red flags. The celebrity couple seemed to be weirdly obsessed with blood as they admitted to drinking each other's and MGK wore a necklace that contained a drop of Fox's. When his documentary, "Life In Pink," dropped, we also learned that the actor once talked him down from a suicide attempt. Somehow, all of this didn't even scratch the surface because Fox later revealed the most disturbing details about their chaotic romance

Before MGK, she had an on-and-off relationship with Brian Austin Green. The couple got married in 2010 and called it quits several times over the years. They welcomed three sons together before ultimately finalizing their divorce in 2022. After Green posted a photo of himself with their youngest, Journey, for Halloween in 2020, Fox asserted that it was a ploy to get people to believe she wasn't a part of her children's lives. She clapped back at him by writing, "You're so intoxicated with feeding the pervasive narrative that I'm an absent mother, and you are the perennial, eternally dedicated dad of the year."

The "Transformers" star also stated that she celebrated Halloween with the kids a day prior but kept the photos off social media because she wasn't trying to sell a narrative. Nonetheless, Fox took these bad experiences as lessons and used them to raise her boys differently, so they wouldn't grow up to be the kind of men she knew.

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Megan Fox doesn't want her boys to be liars

Speaking to Women's Wear Daily, Megan Fox explained how she wants her sons to differ from the bad men in her life: "It's very important for me to raise boys who are able to have a very deep emotional intimacy with their partner." She added, "It's very important to me that they are not liars, that they are able to be fully transparent and honest and respectful." The "Jennifer's Body" star continued by sharing that she hopes that when her boys find true love, they treat it with the respect it deserves. 

As their mother, Fox is the first woman in their lives and she understandably feels the weight of that responsibility, so she strives to model a better view of love by loving them freely. To help them foster honest communication with women, she leads by example and remains transparent with them. In addition to this, Fox wants to break gender stereotypes by letting her kids decide what feels right instead of perpetuating what society preaches. 

When her eldest, Noah, was pictured wearing a dress, the actor received mixed reactions about her parenting skills, but she didn't let that bother her and even wrote an article for Bright on her perspective. She noted that having gender roles for children put them in a box, prevented them from following their passions, and ultimately, set them up for failure. Fox rightly believes that children's interests shouldn't be an indicator of their sexuality. 

She doesn't impose gender stereotypes on her kids

In her Bright article, Megan Fox also detailed how her self-esteem is deeply rooted in how she actively fought back against traditional gender roles. When she was pregnant with Noah, the actor already knew that she wanted to break that cycle with him too. Fox also beautifully wrote that parents shouldn't force their children into being the people they imagined but instead give them the freedom to express themselves and nurture their self-expression so they can grow up into their true selves. When she spoke to Glamour in 2022, the "Expend4bles" star even got emotional as she elaborated on her sentiments. 

Fox noted that Noah began gravitating towards dresses when he was two, and she didn't want him to feel isolated or confused by his self-expression. So, the actor gave him books that offered transgender children's perspectives and others that reminded him that his sexuality isn't defined by fashion choices. Sadly, some parents and children didn't share the same belief, so her sons faced bullying. However, Fox didn't blame the bullies because she understood they were just perpetuating their parents' strict narrative about gender roles. 

But like any mother, Fox wanted to protect her children, so she sent them to schools with like-minded ideologies. The published author also keeps her boys off the internet because she doesn't want strangers' criticisms to affect their self-esteem. However, she knows she can't keep them away forever and, at some point, they will have to step out into the world. Although she wishes things could be different, Fox believes in her sons' strength.