This Bold Move Proves Travis Kelce Is Done With Ex Kayla Nicole

If you've been following the whirlwind romance and now-confirmed relationship between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, chances are you've gotten at least a little bit caught up in all the drama. While the famous couple appears happy and smiling in photos together, there's been no shortage of articles discussing the concerns Swift and Kelce's friends, family, and fans have expressed about the relationship. Then there's all the drama surrounding Kelce's former relationship with sports broadcaster and fashion influencer Kayla Nicole. 

Though Nicole and Kelce broke up in 2022, their romance was thrust back into the spotlight thanks to all of the attention surrounding the Swift/Kelce pairing. In fact, Nicole found herself on the receiving end of so much unwanted attention from Swifties that she posted an open letter in the form of a video on her Instagram, directly addressing the discomfort she was experiencing. Now, however, Kelce seems to have made a somewhat public show of cutting all ties with his former flame by unfollowing Nicole on X, formerly Twitter.

What may have led to Kelce's decision

Travis Kelce's decision to unfollow his former girlfriend certainly did not happen inside a vacuum. The social media separation between the lives of Kelce and his former girlfriend, Kayla Nicole, has been a one-click-at-a-time process, with fans noticing that Nicole had unfollowed Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs player Patrick Mahomes, and his wife Brittany Mahomes, on Instagram, all of whom she had once been close to.

Likewise, the sports broadcaster also appeared to publicly admit a crush on a different NFL player, Jalen Hurts. Though the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles is currently taken, Nicole shared a video of the player on X, with the caption, "Fly eagles fly." Then, in a subsequent tweet, she got bold, saying, "Y'all have eyes too," in an apparent reference to Hurts' attractiveness. Kelce stopped following her soon after.

Further, in the open letter that Nicole posted to her Instagram, she made it clear that she's had it with all the hate from fans of the Swift/Kelce relationship and suggested that she would be actively finding ways to stop engaging going forward. The influencer reasoned that she does not "have to participate in this tumultuous, often one-sided journey," adding, "There is power in your silence. And you can use that same power to silence the noise and the self-doubt."

Social media was significant for Kelce and Nicole

While it is unclear exactly when Travis Kelce unfollowed Kayla Nicole, what's obvious is that social media played a major role in their relationship. It's unsurprising that the sports broadcaster opted to cut him off on Instagram, in particular, since that's where she and Kelce, who began dating in 2017, first met. The football player started following Nicole and regularly engaging with her.

During an Instagram "Ask Me Anything" session, in 2022, Nicole revealed that the pro athlete and podcaster "had been following me and insta-flirting for a few months," but that their interactions were "All double taps and no DM," and so she decided to take the plunge and reach out directly. "Soooo after a little liquid courage," she said, "I DM'd him on New Years," (via the New York Post).

Now, however, we imagine it is safe to say that no DMs will be flying back and forth between Nicole and Kelce for the foreseeable future, with the Kansas City Chiefs tight end stepping out with Taylor Swift and with Nicole making it clear that she is moving on, in every possible way, from her past with the football star and all the drama surrounding their previous connection.