Kevin Costner Almost Ended Up In An Iconic Days Of Our Lives Role

With the popularity of soap operas in the 1980s and 1990s, many fresh and young actors were auditioning for new roles and hoping to be a part of the soap scene. Many celebrities got their start on soap operas, such as Kelly Ripa on "All My Children" and Ashley Benson on "Days of Our Lives." However, many actors auditioned for soap opera roles and were passed over in favor of other people; that's what happened with Kevin Costner when he tried out for a part on "Days of Our Lives."

The stunningly transformed Kevin Costner is one of the most well-known actors over the last few decades. He landed his first role in Hollywood as John Logan in "Malibu Hot Summer," and has since starred in blockbuster films like "The Bodyguard," "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves," and the series "Yellowstone." But before his success, Costner tried his hand at soap operas, when he auditioned — and was rejected — for the role of Jake Kositchek, or the Salem Strangler, on "Days of Our Lives."

Kevin Costner auditioned to play the Salem Strangler

Jake Kositchek was a relatively short-lived character on "Days of Our Lives," but he left a big impact on the show. Jake came to Salem and fell in love with Jessica Blake's (Jean Bruce Scott's) alternate personality, Angel. They planned to marry, but when they got to the altar, Jessica's personality reappeared and she rejected him. The rejection led to Jake having a mental break and he became the Salem Strangler, killing multiple women in Salem. He strangled Mary Anderson (Melinda O. Fee) and Marlena Evans' (Deidre Hall's) twin sister, Samantha Evans (Andrea Hall). Jake almost killed Renee DuMonde (Philece Sampler) as well, but she managed to escape. The role would have brought young actor Kevin Costner to the forefront of the show, but unfortunately, it didn't work out.

Coster auditioned for the part in the 1980s, and while he was a serious candidate, he was eventually rejected in favor of Jack Coleman. Coleman went on to star as Steve Carrington in "Dynasty" and Noah Bennet in "Heroes." The rejection for Costner doesn't seem to have hindered the trajectory of his career as he's built an impressive resume since not landing the part of Jake Kositchek.

Tom Cruise was also rejected by 'Days of Our Lives'

Kevin Costner isn't the only famous actor who auditioned for a role on "Days of Our Lives" only to be rejected. Tom Cruise tried out for the iconic role of Bo Brady on "Days," but he was ultimately passed up for Peter Reckell. In an interview with the podcast "Hey Dude, The 90s Called," actor Kristian Alfonso recalled the actor's audition and screen-testing with him after she was cast as Hope Brady. While the role went to Reckell in the end, Alfonso revealed that Cruise made it through the whole audition process to the final test before being rejected for the part.

It might have worked out for the best, too. As well as Tom Cruise might have done in the role, the chemistry between Reckell and Alfonso cemented Bo and Hope as one of the soap opera's most famous super couples. In an interview with Daytime Confidential, Reckell explained what it's like to be able to reconnect with Alfonso every time they come back to these characters: "Each time, it's been like we had a weekend apart and then we're back together working. The chemistry is just there. It's not something we have to work on. ... We look in each other's eyes and it just works. ... It was effortless."