One Of Adriana Lima's Lavish Gifts From Lenny Kravitz Ended Up In The Trash

When she was just a fledgling angel, Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima booked an editorial photo shoot with "American Woman" rocker Lenny Kravitz. It was 2001, and the resulting photos published in Vibe magazine were seductive and sexy, with the two photogenic personalities captured in various sensual embraces and intimate poses. 

While there were no off-camera romantic liaisons between the two at the time (they were each dating someone else), a year later it was an entirely different story. In 2002, the 37-year-old singer and the 20-year-old model began dating, the evidence of which can be seen in Kravitz's "Yesterday is Gone" video, featuring a cameo appearance by Lima.

While they kept their whirlwind romance mostly private, the two would randomly be spotted together, with Kravitz escorting his model girlfriend home after she finished on the fashion runways. Both Kravitz and Lima have acknowledged their one-time relationship, but info about it been sparse, with one sparkly detail not surfacing until almost two decades later. The "Fly Away" rocker once gifted his partner a diamond jewelry piece — which wound up in the garbage. 

Her diamond belly ring got thrown away

During their relationship, Lenny Kravitz gifted Adriana Lima an expensive and glittery present — a diamond belly-button ring. Lima wore the jewelry to a photo shoot for Harper's Baazar magazine, where Katie Grand was acting as fashion stylist. A decade later, Grand presented Lima with a fashion award, and shared a story with the audience that harkened back to that working gig.

"[Adriana] took her belly button piercing out; it was a big diamond that Lenny Kravitz had given to her," she recalled, as detailed by The Daily Front Row. Grand explained that Lima wrapped the belly ring in a piece of tissue paper, and handed it off to the styling team for safekeeping while she posed for the photographer. At the end of the shoot, however, it was discovered the tissue paper had been mistaken for trash, and the diamond jewelry inside had accidentally been thrown away. 

Undaunted, Lima pitched in and helped dig through the garbage in search of the missing belly ring. 'Thank God we found the diamond," Grand shared with relief. 

More jewelry went by the wayside

While Lenny Kravitz's lavish belly-button gift to Adriana Lima inadvertently found it's way into a garbage can, there was another piece of jewelry that was more quietly dismissed — an engagement ring.  

After dating for several months, Lima moved in with the singer and he eventually proposed. Before the couple could make it down the aisle to exchange vows, though, the engagement was called off. The Brazilian model explained the demise of their relationship to Istoé Gente. "Lenny is a very nice and caring person, but unfortunately, it didn't work out," she said. "Because of my work, which is very busy, and for his work, which is also busy."

All told, the relationship lasted two years, with Lima eventually marrying, and later divorcing, NBA player Marko Jaric. Kravitz moved on to actor Nicole Kidman, but the couple also broke off their engagement before marrying. So far, though, there haven't been any stories about Kidman throwing away lavish diamond gifts from her former beau.