Fashion Trends That Will Completely Take Over 2024

Another year is coming to an end, and we all know what that means — it's time to take stock of the fashion trends that saw us through the year and look forward to the trends to come. In 2023, the fashion world was all about leather, fur, feathers, and tassels. The color purple saw a surge, cargo pants had a moment, and we were all bejeweled with sequins and sparkles. So, what fun looks does the new year have in store for us?

Well, based on the runway shows so far, 2024 fashion trends will be bigger, bolder, and brighter than ever. We're looking forward to experimenting with idiosyncratic layers, sculptural ensembles, and transparent skirts. Barbie pink will still be in, but other colors will be competing for attention.

Curious to find out more about the fashion trends that will be absolutely everywhere next year? Here is everything you can expect to see.

Short shorts – or, even better, no pants at all

Pants? Who needs them? Apparently, not us in 2024. You heard it here first — pants are officially out. Next year, we can expect to see fashionistas ditching the trousers and opting for a pair of ultra-short shorts or even less. Teeny tiny shorts have been all over the runway thanks to designers like Sabato de Sarno, Chanel, Alexander McQueen and Isabel Marant, according to British Vogue. A number of celebrities have already experimented with the look, including Kendall Jenner, who was spotted in tights and a black leotard, and Hailey Bieber, who wore a very similar style.

While the look may seem pretty daring and modern, it actually dates back to the '50s. As image architect Law Roach told Vogue, "Cyd Charisse and some of the Old Hollywood vixens and ingenue used to dance in things like that." It also popped up during the jazzercise trend of the '80s. 

Celebrity stylist Amanda Lim told the publication, "I love the confidence and power a good elevated pantless look projects. I think that as people continue to connect globally — thank you, tech boom — and elevate each other that this look provides a safe space to take control of your image, empower yourself, and hopefully inspire your fashion peers to do the same." So go bold and go pantsless!

The '60s shift dress

Fans of a good retro silhouette, listen up — the '60s shift dress is set to make a major comeback next year. The '60s shift features a mini skirt hemline along with a very boxy, almost shapeless body. It is often sleeveless, but it can feature long sleeves. As W Magazine reported, designers like Marni, Gucci, Michael Kors, and Missoni all debuted '60s-style dresses in their respective 2024 runway shows.

The look was originally made popular by designer Mary Quant in the '60s. "Before her designs, there were no real clothes for teenagers," Twiggy, a model who came to fame in the 1960s, told British Vogue. "If you look at girls in the '50s, most of them are dressed like their mothers. She changed all of that." Hemlines got shorter, and the shift dress emerged as an emblem of the Swinging Sixties.

As 2024 approaches, the look seems to be making a comeback. We can't wait to throw on our shift dresses for our next night out and channel our inner Twiggy.

A new take on fringes

Get ready to channel your inner cowboy or girl because fringes are coming back into fashion — but don't worry, they won't look like the ranch wear of old — these fringes are ultra modern. Designer Giorgio Armani is at the helm of the trend for 2024. As Jodi Khan from Neiman Marcus told WWD, Armani included "artisanal details that create movement, such as fringe in various materiality."

Other designers, like Bottega Veneta, Alberta Ferretti, and Givenchy, are also playing with fringes as 2024 nears. And, at London Fashion Week, fringes also reigned supreme with a number of British designers incorporating fun fringes into their designs, adding movement to their clothes.

Next year, add some fun to your outfits by experimenting with different types of fringes and tassels that move with you. Whether it be a hemline fringe or a dress covered in tiny tassels, these loose threads feel youthful and exciting. They instantly draw the eye, too.

Layer it up

Just one layer? Never enough — at least not in 2024. Next year, we can all expect to see lots and lots of layers appearing on the catwalks and streets alike. Layers are one of the hot looks of the runways for nearly all of the 2024 shows. Designers like Balmain and Rolf Ekroth experimented with layering dark transparent garments over bright colors for an unexpected, artful look, while designers like FFORME and Prada created designs that would look incomplete on their own paired perfectly with base layers.

And remember, layering doesn't have to be a simple case of putting a sweater and a scarf over a t-shirt. Get creative with how and what you layer this coming year. You can layer a skirt over a pair of jeans or a cropped hoodie over an oversized shirt. Play with fabrics, prints, and colors that feel like they shouldn't go together. Rearrange with the order of your layers. Who knows, you might come up with a totally original outfit that speaks to you!

Barbiecore is still on the rise

Greta Gerwig's record-breaking "Barbie" movie hit cinemas in summer 2023, sending all of us into Barbie mania. Pink was the "it" color of the season, and Barbie-inspired outfits were quite literally everywhere. Fans will be delighted to know that our cultural obsession with all things pink isn't going anywhere any time soon. Chanel is still very much on the Barbie train, as their Resort 24 collection proves.

Although Barbie pink is still the height of fashion, another shade of pink is also set to make waves: millennial pink. As StyleCaster noted, the softer, more muted shade has appeared in designs by Tory Burch, Carolina Herrera, and Sandy Liang, among others. Other shades of pink have popped up at New York Fashion Week — as Livid Magazine noted, these variations make pink one of the most versatile colors out there.

It seems 2024 will be all about leaning into our feminine side — and we are so ready to think pink!

1940s femme fatale

Get ready for your closeup because the femme fatale look of the '40s and '50s is set for a comeback in 2024. We are talking tailored, fitted blazers, monochromatic geometric patterns, and even the dramatically tilted hats of our favorite old-school flicks of yore.

A "film noir" vibe took over the Prada show at Milan Fashion Week, W Magazine reported. Designers like John Galliano and Dior also took inspiration from the drama of the black-and-white films of Alfred Hitchcock and Orson Welles. Dolce & Gabbana gave the femme fatale look another spin in Milan with a series of sexy, sheer looks that featured a lot of black lingerie and slinky silhouettes (via Grazia).

Whatever femme fatale means to you — whether it be trimmed, tailored skirt suits or classy yet daring lingerie — embrace it. Chances are, you'll be on trend. As Miuccia Prada said at her film noir-inspired show in Milan, "There is the notion in fashion that only glamour is important, I hate that, I have always fought against that. This collection is about finding beauty everywhere, beauty of different kinds."

Everything's coming up roses

Florals have long been a fashion staple — but next year, roses, in particular, will be the "it" flower. Whether it be the elegant blooming rosette shape or the long-stemmed flower itself, the rose seems to be inspiring designers everywhere. Some designers crafted metallic rose jewelry, while others sewed roses and rosettes onto clothing. Balmain's 2024 show featured a number of roses and was actually titled the show "A rose is a rose is a rose." Other designers who've hopped on the trend include Blumarine, Simone Rocha, Tanner Fletcher, Sandy Liang, and Palomo Spain — and that's just a few.

"Roses represent beauty and romance. ... Love is what we're all looking for, in everything we do," designer Susan Korn, the lead designer at Susan Alexandra, said of the trend when speaking to High Snobiety. She went on to add that roses are a powerful symbol of femininity itself. "The name Rosette is inspired by that point in a rose's life cycle when it is not yet fully in bloom and still in bud form," she said. "We use rosebuds to represent the many phases of being a woman."

Shades of white

One of the biggest colors of 2024 is one to be the most neutral color of all — white. British Vogue noted that white in all of its forms has been dominating the runways — from Prada to Chloe to Dior, all-white outfits with ethereal silhouettes and sheer, cloud-like fabrics are officially all the rage.

As Grazia noted, some have embraced the all-white look as a lifestyle choice. It may sound counterintuitive, but after having her first child, British artist Faye Toogood decided to wear only white. "I suddenly realised that I needed a uniform," she said. "My whole wardrobe became white, I dyed my hair peroxide white and painted our whole house white, white sofa — everything! ... Wearing black can make you look more tired, whereas white lifts the light back on to your face."

Although Toogood's approach may be a little drastic for most people, she is onto something. Why not give the ultra-clean, all-white look a go in 2024? At least from time to time!

Capri pants

Capri pants may send your mind reeling back to the early 2000s. While you may have hoped that capris would never make a resurgence — after all, do we really want to wear pants that stop halfway down the calf? — it seems capris are well and truly coming back. 

In September 2023, Bella Hadid was spotted wearing a pair of white capris, and somehow, they actually looked good. She paired them with a pair of white ballet flats and a white top — we are officially inspired. 

Capris are slated to be one of the biggest trends in the new year, with TikTokers and designers alike already giving capris a go. The cropped pants appeared on the runways of A. Roege Hove, Mirror Palais, Frame, High Sport, and more. For a retro take on the look, try pairing them with a pair of flats. For a more modern take, pair them with an oversized blazer and a pair of mid-calf boots.

It's all burgundy

Bright red has been a big color in 2023; however, reds are going deeper and darker next year. Expect to see burgundy absolutely everywhere. According to Who What Wear, this burgandy color is ultra-rich. Dubbed "black cherry" by the publication, this is "a deep red that ranges from burgundy to oxblood and is just oozing with an aura of wealth, status, and power." The trend was spotted on runways at shows from Gucci to Bottega Veneta to Saint Laurent, who experimented with deep red leather jackets and skirts, along with unusual burgundy bras.

Burgundy is a chic and sophisticated color that suggests moody evenings in late-night bars or romantic candlelit dinners. Not quite red and not quite purple, this trending shade reminds us of a glass of full-bodied cabernet sauvignon in the best possible way. Try pairing your burgundy ensembles with a matching deep red lip and a similar splash of color on the nails.

Crescent moon bags

Heads up — there's a new bag in town for 2024. Introducing the Longchamp Roseau Essential Hobo bag. You're about to see this bag everywhere. The super simple slouchy bag features an over-the-shoulder strap and a chic crescent moon shape. As Who What Wear notes, the bag is already taking over the streets of Paris thanks to its many shades and its endless versatility. The bag is also making waves in Australia, where Marie Claire named it one of the best crescent moon shoulder bags on the market.

"Due to its silhouette that is closer to the body, it looks very 2000s," Jose Luis Bartolomé and Albert Escribano, founders of Hereu, told Harper's Bazaar. "The aesthetic of this era seems to have a strong comeback in fashion."

If you can't get your hands on this particular bag, opt for a similar bag with the same crescent moon shape — it may be a bit of a throwback, but it's definitely back in style for 2023. In fact, Stylight reported that half-moon bags are already up by 118%. In other words, pretty soon, everyone is going to have one.

The even more oversized blazer

Blazers are back, and they're quite literally bigger than ever. Oversized blazers were actually one of 2023's big trends, and it seems that our love of big, boxy blazers isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Next year's blazers are shaping up to be extra large — like, large enough to swallow you up. The bigger, the better. Designers like Issey Miyake, Marni, and Carven are all showing ultra-big blazers, according to Refinery29.

So, how does one actually style a blazer that's so big? According to NA-KD's experts, there are a few ways to make a big slouchy blazer look good. First, be sure to find balance in your outfit. Pair the blazer with a fitted top or a pair of slim pants to ensure the blazer stands out and doesn't completely overwhelm you. Also, experiment with different fabrics for different seasons to make this syle work all year round.

Sculptural pieces

Clothes don't always have to hang limply off our bodies. They can also become artful sculptures that take on a life of their own. In 2024, expect to see sculptural garments on the rise. Be on the lookout for structured shapes that make a big statement. The best sculpted pieces should maintain their shape no matter what you're doing — or what the weather is like. Unlike a good fringe, a sculpted piece is static and has no movement at all. Designers like Robert Wun and Schiaparelli have mastered the look.

Actor Saoirse Ronan gave us a preview of the 2024 trend in December 2023 when she wore a gorgeous white set by Louis Vuitton that featured a pleated sculptured crop top that looked more like a piece of art than a piece of clothing.

We love this trend for nights out or other special occasions. Try styling a crop top with a sculptural detail with a sculpted midi skirt for a bold, unforgettable look that is modern, unique, and, of course, on-trend.

Transparent skirts

Skirts are in — but only if we can see straight through them! We already know that layering is set to be a big trend in 2024. And one of the biggest layer trends we are expecting to see is the trend of layering a transparent skirt over shorts, trousers, or even a leotard.

Models Kate Moss, Bella Hadid, and Cindy Crawford have all been spotted sporting see-through skirts, while designers like Givenchy, Saint Laurent, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Etro, and Versace have also included clear skirts in their collections. As Vogue France noted, Saint Laurent is even debuting an entire exhibit dedicated to transparent clothing — Le pouvoir des matières ("The power of materials") in February 2024.

Of course, pulling off this look isn't easy. Perhaps StyleCaster to style a clear skirt is to wear it over a pair of skinny trousers or over a tight mini skirt — although those are not the only options. "I think Miu Miu has opened the door to not just do skimpy underwear or black lingerie under a sheer skirt," stylist Neelo Noory told The Zoe Report. "Go for white. Go for old school high rise à la Jockey. Or a bikini hipster vibe circa '90s." Lisa Bühler, founder of Lisa Says Gah, added, "I love the confidence it embodies. It says 'I'm sexy, and I know it,' and that is just the vibe I need right now." We are officially sold!