Princess Margaret's Daughter Sarah Looks Almost Unrecognizable Today

Princess Margaret's daughter, Lady Sarah Chatto, typically keeps a low profile. Sarah, formerly Sarah Armstrong-Jones, is 27th in line for the throne and Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones' second child after her brother, David. While Sarah is a vital part of the British royal family, she isn't quite as much of a public figure as some of the other members. "Sarah is very unassuming; shy and almost embarrassed with no grandeur at all," an acquaintance once told the Daily Mail. "Take royal events — she'll be on the balcony, but she never pushes herself to the middle or the front, like some."

Still, we've gotten a close look at Lady Sarah over the years. She's frequently spotted at royal gatherings and is known for her close relationship with many of her famous family members including her late great aunt, Queen Elizabeth II, and her cousin, King Charles III. She's also one of Prince Harry's six godparents.  

Sarah has always been a talented and passionate artist, even as a young girl. She attended the Camberwell School of Art, followed by the Royal Academy Schools where she also studied art. Over the years, she's achieved many honors, including the Winsor & Newton Prize and the Creswick Landscape Prize. She's still dedicated to her art — perhaps more than ever. A brand new photo of her shows her sporting a decidedly less made-up look and appearing quite different from the perfectly styled royal we are used to seeing.

New photo shows Lady Sarah Chatto hard at work

On December 4, Lady Sarah Chatto was photographed at The Redfern Gallery in London. The royal was notably entirely makeup-free and bundled up for the cold weather, making it difficult to even pick her out in a crowd. Sans visible eyebrows, lashes, or what appears to be a stitch of makeup or hair product, Sarah looks very different from the more glammed-up royal we typically see. While she also sported a laid-back look when she was seen at Wimbledon over the summer, wearing a pinstriped shirt and minimal makeup, her appearance then was still carefully put together and she wore a pair of simple studs.

Lady Sarah's recent relaxed and unbothered look could be attributed to her being hard at work as she is in the middle of a solo exhibition (using the name Sarah Armstrong-Jones) that's being featured at the contemporary art gallery. Her exhibition is called "Gathering," and it features more than sixty paintings and drawings that she created during the COVID-19 lockdown and afterward. 

Lady Sarah Chatto's work as an artist takes priority over her royal roots

As a member of the extended royal family rather than a working royal, Lady Sarah Chatto has had the opportunity to pursue a career rather than focus on royal duties, and it's paid off. Her work has been regularly shown at The Redfern Gallery since the mid-'90s, with her most recent show, "Pathways," taking place in 2019. Having an exhibition at the renowned gallery is no small feat; the gallery has exhibited works by such prominent artists as Marc Chagall, David Hockney, Henri Matisse, Joan Miro, and Pablo Picasso. "Her work takes us into a profound contemplation of the world she seeks to know and the method she has mastered," said fellow artist Patrick Kinmonth of Sarah's art (via The Redfern Gallery). "Going ever deeper into the nature of paint, where accident, evidence and respect are allowed full sway".

Lady Sarah is known for abstract pieces and beautiful landscapes. In addition to her solo exhibitions and numerous awards, her work has also been a part of many group exhibitions in prominent galleries such as Belgrave St.Ives and the Twenty Twenty Gallery. So, while the public may not see Chatto as much as some of her family members, her art speaks for itself. While we wouldn't be surprised if she continues to steer clear of the limelight and even go makeup-free to fly under the radar, we have a feeling that we'll be seeing plenty more of her art in the years to come.