Vanessa Hudgens And Cole Tucker Have A Bigger Age Gap Than We Knew

In Hollywood romances, age gaps seem almost obligatory, with numerous famous couples having significantly different peer groups. Typically, it's the man who is notably older than his female counterpart. Take, for instance, Billy Ray Cyrus and his wife Firerose, who boast a substantial 28-year age gap, or George Clooney, who is 17 years older than Amal Clooney. Amidst such settled trends, it's intriguing that Vanessa Hudgens breaks the mold by being older than her partner, Cole Tucker, with a surprising seven-and-a-half years between them.

Nevertheless, the considerable age gap hasn't hindered their blossoming romance. According to Hudgens' appearance on "The Drew Barrymore Show," their connection took root during quarantine, and the unusual way they met is very 2021. The "High School Musical" star shared that Tucker captured her attention during a shared Zoom session with their meditation group, prompting her to send him a message on Instagram. "If I want something or someone, I'm going after them," Hudgens quipped on the talk show.

Tucker, who is a Major League Baseball player, evidently embraces having an older partner, reflecting a growing trend where older women are increasingly seeking relationships with younger men on the dating scene.

Hudgens' seems to prefer dating younger men

With Vanessa Hudgens being born in December 1988 and Cole Tucker in July 1996, the couple has a bigger age gap than we previously realized. Given that they met sometime in 2020 (they were first spotted together in November 2020, according to E! News), Tucker was likely 24 when they met, while Hudgens was around 32 and a half. Interestingly, Hudgens opened up to People about grappling with an identity crisis when she was 27. "I felt like I had no idea who I was, what I wanted, or what I was going after," she shared.

Notably, Tucker isn't Hudgens' first younger partner; most of her previously known relationships involved partners younger than her. Josh Hutcherson, whom Hudgens was briefly linked with in 2011, is almost four years her junior. That same year, Hudgens began dating Austin Butler, born in 1991. Following their 2020 separation, Hudgens was associated with Kyle Kuzma, who is over six years younger than her.

Dr. Kathy Nickerson, a licensed clinical psychologist and relationship expert, discussed with Bustle why older women appear increasingly drawn to younger men. "Younger men tend to have more energy, more diverse interests, are more open to trying new things, and are more flexible in their attitudes and views," Nickerson explained, which may be the reason Hudgens avoids dating within her age pool.

The couple reportedly married in a private Mexico ceremony

Despite having an age difference of more than seven years, Vanessa Hudgens and Tucker Cole reportedly decided to tie the knot in December 2023. After three years of dating, according to People, the two opted for a private ceremony in Tulum, Mexico. Their decision to keep their nuptials low-key aligns with Hudgens' earlier struggles in wedding planning, as she shared on "The Drew Barrymore Show" in 2023. "Finding a venue is tough. I just kind of want to elope," the actor explained, adding, "I'm lost. I don't know." When asked about Tucker's feelings on the topic, Hudgens said he was content with any decision she made. Drawing the parallel to Hudgens' own confusion at 27, which is exactly how old Tucker was when they married, the athlete's indifference could be a potential red flag.

Still, both Hudgens and Tucker openly praised each other in public, indicating they're certain of their choices. In 2021, Tucker told CBS News, "[Hudgens'] awesome. I love her." Hudgens echoed the sentiment that same year in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, sharing, "He's just kind of perfect for me. I am [happy]. I really am." She previously told the outlet she was looking for someone who shares her values, which Tucker clearly does, despite being born in a different decade.