Prince Constantin Of Liechtenstein Dead At 51

Prince Constantin of Liechtenstein passed away unexpectedly at the age of 51 on December 5, 2023. In a statement from the Princely House of Liechtenstein, it was confirmed that the youngest son of Prince Hans-Adam II is survived by his wife, Princess Marie, and their three children, Prince Moritz, Princess Georgina, and Prince Benedikt. He is also survived by his brothers, Prince Alois and Prince Maximilian, and his sister, Princess Tatjana. No cause of death has been made public, and his family has not yet released a statement.

Prince Constantin was seventh in line to the throne of Liechtenstein — a tiny country of just 62 square miles between Austria and Switzerland with a population of around 40,000— his father Prince Hans-Adam II has been the reigning monarch since 1989. That made Prince Constantin a part of one of the world's wealthiest royal families — they've been in power since the 1600s.

Prince Constantin's death prompted national mourning

Prince Constantin of Liechtenstein was born March 15, 1972, and he married Princess Marie in 1999. The couple had their first son in 2003, followed by their daughter in 2005, and their second son in 2008. He attended Liechtenstein High School and got a degree in law from the University of Salzburg. As the third son of Prince Hans-Adam II of Liechtenstein and Princess Marie-Aglae of Liechtenstein, he was unlikely to have ever inherited the throne, but he did follow in his father's footsteps by working for several private equity firms.

As noted in the statement which confirmed his death, Prince Constantin was supervisory board chairman for Liechtenstein Group AG, an investment group owned by the Foundation Prince Liechtenstein. In a statement on the company website, they wrote, "His death comes as a terrible shock to all those who knew him, and the Liechtenstein Group is in deep mourning." The country will officially be in mourning for two days for the prince's death.