Why We Don't Think Vanna Is Done On General Hospital

It's not looking good for lovers Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) and Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) on "General Hospital." Because he didn't tell her that he'd seen his daughter, Charlotte Cassadine (Scarlett Fernandez), sneaking into her hotel room on the security footage, thereby confirming she had been stalking Anna, the former spy's paranoia went into overdrive and she mistakenly shot Charlotte, believing it was an adult stalker that was in her apartment. Had Valentin simply informed Anna about what he'd witnessed, all of her angst over shooting the young girl, and the incident itself, could have been avoided. 

As a result, unsurprisingly, he and Anna broke up. But are they truly kaput? On the December 8 episode of "GH," Anna informed Valentin that police forensics proved that Charlotte didn't burn down Anna's house, but refused to tell him who did because she doesn't trust Valentin due to his extensive lying. He admitted the reason he kept Charlotte's activities a secret was because he was afraid Anna would dump him. However, in doing so, he effectively took away her ability to make her own choice, and now Anna's done with him. 

And yet, the fans feel that their relationship woes aren't at the point of no return, with one posting on X, formerly known as Twitter, "I'm still with #vanna even after the wheels fall off." Stuart himself retweeted them, adding, "Me too." Clearly, there's still hope.

The actors' incredible chemistry will help them prevail

One "General Hospital" fan responded to James Patrick Stuart's tweet with complete confidence, writing, "I have faith. They'll make their way back together. They have to." Many viewers were heartbroken over Valentin and Anna's breakup, but Stuart's post restored their faith that the relationship could still be repaired. Let's not forget that when the two were first getting together, they understood that because they were both spies, secrets and lies came with the territory. 

In 2022, Soap Hub reported on a fan event during which Stuart and Finola Hughes discussed Valentin and Anna's dynamic. Hughes explained that because of the nature of the characters' backgrounds, they have a hard time forming connections with people who are honest by nature. Stuart expanded on that thought, remarking, "I think it's interesting that they find this respite together, where they are equally secretive and equally manipulative, and they can cling to each other for a second, considering that didn't work so well in other relationships."

Fans are well aware of this fact and continue to hold out hope that the two will eventually get back together. Considering the incredible chemistry that Stuart and Hughes share onscreen, it'll take some time to heal after the lies and Anna having shot Charlotte, but we're confident they'll be able to get past it and resume their relationship.