Meet Dakota Johnson's 6 Siblings

Even if you don't know Dakota Johnson from her acting career — which includes high-profile projects like "Persuasion" and the "Fifty Shades" trilogy — you probably know her from her iconic moment on "Ellen" that became something of a meme. You also may know her notable parents. After all, Dakota's famous mom, Melanie Griffith, could be her twin, and her famous dad is fellow actor Don Johnson.

Between her parents' marriage and their other partners, Dakota has a large family with six siblings. Her eldest is Jesse Wayne Johnson, also known as Jesse Johnson. According to People, he was born in 1982. Jesse and Dakota share a dad while his mother is Patti D'Arbanville. Like his half-sister, Jesse is also an actor. His credits include guest-starring roles in TV shows "Grey's Anatomy" and "Hawaii Five-0" and a starring role in the film "Chapman." An unusual skill he learned for that role is lock picking (via YouTube). Jesse makes music as well, and has released it with the groups Blame Baby and Trésjeté.

Dakota's next sibling is Alexander Griffith Bauer, born in 1985. He and Dakota have the same mother, but Alexander's father is Steven Bauer. He has an IMDb page under just the name Alexander Bauer, featuring film credits from 2013 and 2015 and some throwback photos of himself and Dakota posing with both Griffith and Don.

One of Dakota's half-sisters has a perfume company

Dakota Johnson is the next sibling in her lineup, born in 1989. Her half-sister, Stella del Carmen Banderas, was born to Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas in 1996, per People. Stella and Johnson appeared in a movie together as children, 1999's "Crazy in Alabama," which starred Griffith and was directed by Antonio. That is currently the only acting credit on Stella's IMDb page, but she worked as the second assistant director on a stage production of "Company" that Antonio directed and starred in, according to Reuters.

Stella does some film work behind the camera too. She shares her work on Instagram often and has even featured her famous mother in several videos. Just like Griffith and half-sister Johnson, Stella has grown up to be gorgeous. In 2021, she started Lightbound, a perfume oil company. One of their hallmarks is a commitment to sustainability. 

The Alma perfume, for instance, "is importantly cruelty free, paraben free, and phthalate free" (via Instagram). In a Vogue interview alongside Griffith, Stella discussed how her mother helped inspire her perfume line: "Seeing her relationship to scent and touch and making a beautiful space for herself, I found love in the same ritual of self-care."

Don Johnson had three kids after Dakota and Jesse

After Don Johnson married Kelley Phleger (aka Kelley Johnson), Dakota Johnson gained three new siblings. Atherton Grace Johnson was born in 1999. Her IMDb page lists some work in music videos and a short film, but Atherton/Grace's primary career is modeling. She is represented by New York agency Marilyn Agency and Los Angeles agency Next LA (via Models.). Atherton often shares photos and videos on Instagram, and she studied photography in college according to Glamour Spain (via People).

Jasper Breckenridge Johnson was born in 2002 to Don and Phleger. He played basketball during high school and his parents attended every game, according to Jasper's statement on his NCSA recruiting profile. Jasper also mentioned a desire to continue his basketball career in college while majoring in business.

Dakota's youngest sibling is Deacon James Johnson, whom Don and Phleger welcomed in 2006. A post on his mother's Instagram page states that Deacon's career goal is to be an astronaut. Deacon plays football, presumably for his school, which Don has posted about on Instagram. Although not all of her siblings have creative careers, perhaps Dakota will collaborate on a project with one or more of them again someday.