Meet Emily Blunt & John Krasinksi's Kids, Hazel And Violet

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt's long-standing relationship makes us believe that soulmates may truly exist. Fate led their paths to cross in 2008 when the actors happened to be dining, separately, at the same restaurant and were introduced by a mutual friend. In 2009, Blunt got Krasinski to propose in the most unexpected way, and the happy couple tied the knot the following year. Their first child, Hazel, was born in February 2014, followed by their second, Violet, in June 2016. 

The celebrity couple has garnered tremendous success throughout their relationship. Krasinski received tons of critical acclaim for directing "A Quiet Place," in which Blunt starred, while his wife was lauded for her performance in "Oppenheimer." But despite their busy schedules, parenthood is always a top priority. During an appearance on the "Table for Two" podcast, in 2023, Blunt revealed she was stepping back from acting to spend more time with her children after being apart from them due to work. 

While speaking to Harper's Bazaar, "The Devil Wears Prada" star shared that both she and her daughters were wholly unimpressed when they spotted Blunt on a billboard. Instead, they felt much happier when she did regular mom things for them. As for Kransinski, nothing can keep him from showing up for his family. Krasinski informed People that when he was filming "Jack Ryan" in Canada, Blunt and the kids were living in London, so he took a 6,000-mile flight every weekend to get in some quality time with them.

Hazel Krasinski is a budding comedian

On February 16, 2014, John Krasinski took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to announce the birth of his and Emily Blunt's first child, Hazel Krasinski. A few months after that, he blessed us with our first glimpse at the adorable Hazel, again through X. Blunt later disclosed on "The Ellen Show" that she and John chose to name their firstborn Hazel because they both love "old lady names." 

During a joint interview on "The Graham Norton Show," in 2018, Blunt noted that while Hazel lived with her in the UK, she developed a British accent particularly when it came to words like "water" and "bath," but as soon as they moved back stateside, she reverted to the American pronunciations (much to her mother's dismay). Hazel also seems to have inherited her father's comedic talents. In 2020, John confirmed on "The Ellen Show" that Hazel never fails to crack him up. 

The "Jack Ryan" star recalled how he was putting up photo frames to create a wall of their best family moments. But Hazel was confused because John hadn't replaced the family pictures that came with the frames. John revealed her reaction on the show: "And then Hazel literally leaned on my shoulder and she went, 'So good. Don't you think you should put pictures of us up?'" He added, "It was amazing. I think she was genuinely concerned that I was losing my mind."

Violet Krasinski has a gift for doing voices

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt's second daughter, Violet Krasinski, was born in June 2016. However, we only learned about her birth two weeks later when John again announced the happy news on X. Three months after Violet's birth, "The Girl On The Train" star told ExtraTV that Violet was a fairly laidback child. Blunt explained that since this was her second kid, she felt far more confident and calmer about her parenting, and that serenity might've rubbed off on Violet. 

She also confessed that Hazel Krasinski initially didn't care much about her new sister but quickly grew to adore her. Similarly to Hazel, Violet always brings a smile to her parents' faces. When Blunt stopped by "The Ellen Show" in 2020, she revealed that when Violet was given the choice between her "Mary Poppins" movie and Julie Andrews', she repeatedly picked the original film. Violet also seems to share Blunt's love for singing. 

In 2018, John recalled on "The Ellen Show" that Blunt was singing a nursery rhyme to Violet when she hilariously interrupted by saying "Yeah baby!" in a deep voice, which startled her parents (via People). But when they asked Violet to explain what was going on, she couldn't. A couple of years later, Blunt reminisced on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" about when "[Someone] sent me a video [...] of her singing 'Jingle Bells' and she [sang in an] almost Cockney [accent]." The actor continued, "It was almost like Dick Van Dyke singing 'Jingle Bells.' The craziest accent ever. It was kind of brilliant."