Lara Trump's New Barbie-Inspired Merch Gets Mixed Reviews

Lara Trump, wife of Eric Trump, has been an active supporter of her father-in-law Donald Trump, and she's now modeling/advertising the "Lara Trump MAGA Hat." Selling for $47 on The Right View with Lara Trump website, it doesn't directly use the word Barbie anywhere on the website, but it seems pretty clearly to be a reference to Barbie with its pink color, lettering style, and the tagline, "Be a Trump girl, in a Trump world." It also seems to be the same hat that she wore for her Halloween costume; in a picture of her family for Halloween, Lara said she was dressed as "MAGA Barbie," pairing the hat with a hot pink outfit.

The Barbie connection is irritating some Trump fans. One person commented on Lara's post about the hat: "This is extremely confusing to your Maga family! ... Why are you guys supporting the Barbie movie? That movie Is created to destroy the [A]merican family[;] it also exploits children."

They weren't the only ones feeling confused. "Why are they promoting this Barbie themed hat? Any conservative [knows] that that movie is trying to destroy the American Family. Sometimes I wonder what's really going on," another commenter wrote.

Lara Trump's seeming support of Barbie has confused some

A number of conservatives took offense to the "Barbie" movie when it came out, like Meghan McCain, who slammed "Barbie" for having a feminist message, and Senator Ted Cruz, who thought it promoted communism. There were calls for boycotts of the movie, and some went so far as to film themselves burning Barbie dolls. Beyond the confusion from Trump fans over Lara Trump's seeming support of Barbie with her new hat, some think that she might be getting a call from Mattel's lawyers for using a font on her hat that looks so much like the Barbie logo. No word yet from Mattel regarding Lara's hat and any potential legal action.

One Instagram commenter thought this was just another example of Lara taking someone else's idea for her own: "You don't have an original idea in that noggin of yours. You steal from Tom Petty and Now Barbie. And Barbie is so not MAGA." Lara recorded a version of Tom Petty's "Won't Back Down" in September 2023, and previously, Tom Petty's family had asked Donald Trump to stop using the song at his rallies.

But despite all the haters, some absolutely loved the hat and Lara; one person wrote, "beautiful cap on a beautiful lady!" While others noted that they're hoping to get one for Christmas.