Today's Savannah Guthrie Has Adorable Taste In Christmas Decorations

Savannah Guthrie has been a mainstay on "Today" since she started on the show in 2011. She has been open about her love of Christmas and gave her Instagram followers a glimpse at her 2023 holiday decorations by sharing a collection of photos of her Christmas tree. Rather than creating a monochromatic Christmas tree, Guthrie and her family chose to combine ornaments in varying sizes and styles for a tree with a homey feel. Her post was captioned, "'tis the season — for tree content" with a Christmas tree emoji, and began with a photo of the tree from top to bottom — from the shimmering star to the lowest branches.

Guthrie then included pictures of some standout ornaments. One unique decoration showed Santa Claus on a snowflake, holding a wreath and a "Ho! Ho! Ho!" flag. Another ornament seemed to feature a photograph of Guthrie's children, Vale and Charley, during Christmas in 2018.

Some other ornaments on the anchor's tree included a cross; a cat in a pink dress; a ballerina mouse in a tutu similar to Angelina Ballerina; and some ornaments shaped like food, including a pink pretzel, a gingerbread house with a gingerbread moose inside, and a La Croix can with "Fa La La Croix" painted in blue glitter.

Guthrie shared a lot of Christmas memories in 2022 as well

In November 2022, Savannah Guthrie shared an Instagram post about her family's Christmas tree as well. That tree included many homemade ornaments designed by her children, featuring doodles and nice messages. Closer to the holiday itself on Christmas Eve 2022, Guthrie shared a snapshot of her and a jolly-looking Santa Claus, captioned, "With the big guy." On Christmas Day, she shared a family photo of herself, her husband Michael Feldman, and their children in festive Christmas pajama sets, with the caption, "Hope yours was very merry." (That cozy-looking holiday sleepwear could be considered one of Guthrie's best style moments.)

Guthrie's birthday is very close to Christmas — only two days after on December 27. In an Instagram post from 2022, Guthrie shared a compilation of clips from her birthday and said, "The loveliest day. Thank you, dear ones, for so many sweet birthday wishes." However, a late member of her family had their birthday on Christmas, and Guthrie has been open before about how that makes the Christmas season an important one for her.

Guthrie has an important familial tie to Christmas

"Today" created a "Holidays in My House" video with its anchors in 2020. In her segment, Savannah Guthrie explained that Christmas was her father, Charles Guthrie's, birthday. "He had a lot of Christmas traditions in his family," Savannah said. "It was really important to him to make Christmas special for us." 

Every year, Charles would read their family the story of the Nativity, which Savannah enjoyed. He also joked with the kids that they had to wait until Christmas Day to open any gifts. Then, he would allow them to open one the night before and prompt them to open the rest. Savannah added, " ... and then we'd say 'No dad, no, we have to wait until Christmas!'"

Savannah also spoke about how losing her father affected how she feels about the holidays: "I think the fact that I lost my dad when I was 16, it makes Christmas even more special to us, because it was his holiday ... I think we hold on to Christmas even harder now, because it's a tie to him and a tie to the past and to our memories." Savannah said she wants to make the holiday special for her kids as well, making sure to teach them about the spiritual side of it too. She added, "I think that just adds to the majesty of Christmas and makes it enduring."