Reviews Policy

How The List Approaches Reviews

At The List, we take all the fuss out of shopping for beauty products with direct and honest reviews. Our evaluations of the latest "it" buys and legacy must-haves cut to the chase, prioritizing the core beats of safety, accuracy, and effectiveness.

Of course, there are many skincare and makeup fads out there, and although we don't avoid what's trending, we're discerning about what we cover and value trustworthiness first and foremost.

The bottom line: We aim to take the guesswork out of your shopping experience, giving you the important details on everything from cost to quality before that product lands in your cart.

The List Review Methodology

The List reviews follow several steps to ensure consumers get a definitive product recommendation from us, all based on uniform performance indicators.

  • We start our review process with a broad comparison of products, aiming to identify not only those that are the most popular and trending, but also those that we feel are the most reliable and trustworthy.
  • We continue to refine our review selections to ensure we can conduct evaluations based on price, overall quality, standout features, and reliability.
  • After determining a review candidate, a self-care expert from our editorial team conducts an honest assessment based on their personal use of the product.
  • The end result is a definitive consumer recommendation that also discusses alternative products at differing price points and availability, so as to create the most inclusive review experience as possible.

While we strive for a holistic approach to reviews, we recognize that they are, by nature, subjective. The List reviewers' personal preferences are an inherent and intentional part of every product review, which means you should also contextualize them within your own preferences and experiences.

The Lists's overall goal with any review is to provide you with a balanced look at our expert analysis and personal opinion — and to provide you with an enjoyable reading experience while doing so.

Embargoes and Review Samples

We respect all embargoes that are set by manufacturers when receiving early access to products.

To submit products for review, please email us at .

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