Why Kenya Moore And Marc Daly's Divorce Took So Long To Finalize

"Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Kenya Moore and restauranteur Marc Daly kicked off their relationship in 2016 when a mutual friend, Chef Roblé, introduced the two. As their romance moved relatively quickly, Moore was cautious about what aspects of it she allowed the world and her castmates to see. Daly finally showed up in season 10, episode 17, during Moore's domestic violence PSA reveal. Despite initial reservations about appearing on camera, this move displayed Daly as a supportive husband. The couple tied the knot in June 2017 at an intimate ceremony in St. Lucia, which only included their closest loved ones. The couple welcomed their first child, Brooklyn, in November 2018, but unfortunately, less than a year later, in September 2019, Moore announced they were separated.

They briefly reconciled in early 2020, though that was short-lived. Moore eventually filed for divorce in September 2020. Their split was not exactly amicable and took three years to be finalized. Thankfully, the marriage has officially been dissolved for good. However, several factors played a role in their lengthy divorce process.

Moore and Daly bickered over custody of their daughter

Once Kenya Moore and Marc Daly split, Moore suggested that Daly's relationship with their daughter, Brooklyn, may have been strained. While sitting on the BravoCon 2022 panel, Moore shared with the crowd, "There is no co-parenting really, unfortunately. I'm just being positive and prayerful." This may have been due to the exes both wanting different things in terms of custody of Brooklyn.

In her divorce filing, Moore sought sole legal and physical custody of Brooklyn. Moore spoke with The U.S. Sun in May 2023 about the custody portion, stating, "I'm not going to be sharing physical custody at all." Daly did not fight Moore on this. However, he did request joint legal custody, which would allow him the opportunity to make decisions on her well-being. With Daly living primarily in New York, and Brooklyn, having been born and mostly raised in Atlanta, this is likely in the child's best interest.

Moore and Daly did not sign a prenuptial agreement

Kenya Moore has long been pro-prenuptial agreement. She used to date an NBA agent who frequently advised her on the importance of prenups. Still, regarding her marriage to Marc Daly, the former Miss USA did not present a prenup due to her husband's opposition. Moore explained during her January 2023 interview with Tamron Hall, "When it came to my marriage, I said I want a prenup. He was adamant about not having one, and I regret not having one because my divorce right now is taking over. It's still pending over two years now because we didn't have a prenup."

Without the prenup in place, Daly and Moore reportedly fought in court over her Georgia home. She purchased the house in 2015 and fully renovated it before she began dating Daly. However, in court documents obtained by RadarOnline, Daly's attorney wrote, "Husband seeks an equitable division of the parties' marital residence." Ultimately, it seems that Daly had dropped his claims of investing in her Georgia mansion. Finally, in December 2023, the divorce was finalized in private mediation. The ordeal that Moore previously dubbed "World's Longest Divorce" may be over, but it seems the exes still have to hash out their child support matter. Daly proposed to pay Moore $521 a month for their daughter, though it's unclear if that amount has been approved. Nevertheless, the two can finally move on with their lives.