What Really Went Down Between Tom Brady And Tara Reid?

Young, hot, and famous, Tara Reid was the toast of the town in 2000 and took advantage of the fun to be had. "It was a different time," she recalled to Bustle. "We used to go out, do whatever we wanted." Having made the jump from part-time "Days of Our Lives" soap actor to the girl on the silver screen in 1998, sparking admirers as Bunny in "The Big Lebowski," the star was quickly snapped up for "Urban Legend," "Cruel Intentions," "American Pie," and in 2000, "Dr. T and the Women." From there, Reid seemed to pop up everywhere in pop culture, in the hit movies, on the covers of magazines, in front of the paparazzi lens. 

Meanwhile, Tom Brady was playing college football for the University of Michigan. He helped his team to an Orange Bowl victory, and graduated in 1999, heading straight to the NFL draft. The New England Patriots picked up the young quarterback late in the process, with Brady being number 199 to be chosen overall. 

Brady and Reid met at ESPN's Espy Awards in February 2000. The actor was two years older than Brady and the object of many male fantasies; the athlete was just about to begin his ascension to NFL legend. The two hit it off, talking and hanging out, and exchanged phone numbers. For the next several months, the couple struck up a romantic relationship that, while never made public, was fun while it lasted.

The two stars casually dated in the early '00s

While the relationship between Tara Reid and Tom Brady wasn't an epic love affair, the two beautiful people did enjoy each other's company when they got together in 2000. Dating on and off as they had time to see each other, they would hang out in bars and go dancing together. "He was a really nice guy, a really sweet guy, and we had a lot of fun," Reid shared with NBC Sports Boston

Though she didn't go into detail, the "National Lampoon's Van Wilder" star did pony up an answer when asked about Brady's smooch-success factor, confirming his kissing skills were in the "great" arena. 

Reid also shared that she now sees a different person than the one she dated more than two decades ago. "He's so serious. He used to laugh," she told Bustle about the seven-time Superbowl champion. "When I watch his interviews, he's so cocky now."

Brady and Reid moved on to more serious relationships

The on-and-off, casual relationship Tara Reid had with Tom Brady slipped into a permanent off position after the "Josie and the Pussycats" star met then MTV host Carson Daly in 2000. Seven months later, the two were engaged to be married. Although Carson and Reid never made it down the aisle, splitting up in 2001, there was never a reconciliation between Reid and the football quarterback.

Brady himself moved on to a relationship with Bridget Moynahan for three years, ending things in 2006, with the actor giving birth to their son in 2007. The NFL player quickly moved on to date, marry, and have two kids with model Gisele Bündchen, from 2006 to their split in 2022. 

Reid has always spoken fondly of her time with Brady and even gave a thumbs-up to the athlete for any future ambitions as an actor. "I remember him studying all the time, memorizing his plays, his playbook. Literally, it's all he did," she explained to NBC Sports Boston. "If he could do that, he could definitely memorize lines."