Taylor Swift's Contribution To Travis Kelce's Gameday Celebration Is So Sweet (Literally)

Taylor Swift might've gotten booed by NFL fans at the Kansas City Chiefs vs. New England Patriots game, but since it was a game at Gillette Stadium, home to the Patriots, it kind of makes sense? Whatever the reason, Swift didn't seem too bothered by it, and instead, she stayed concentrated on the game, cheering on boyfriend Travis Kelce, tight end for the Chiefs. She's gone to a number of Kelce's games since the two started dating, and along with being a supportive girlfriend from the stands, she's gone so far as to provide him with pregame snacks. But not just any everyday, off-the-shelf snack — Swift brought him some homemade cinnamon rolls.

Details about the sweet treat came up on an episode of the sports podcast "Tobin & Leroy," where former NFL player Bernie Kosar revealed he was over at Kelce's house in Kansas City prior to one of the Chief's home games. Kelce was having his pregame meal, and who should walk in but Swift. She came by herself, but she didn't come empty-handed. Swift brought a batch of cinnamon rolls. So sweet... literally!

Taylor Swift showed off her baking skills for Travis Kelce

Making cinnamon rolls from scratch is no easy feat. It takes time and patience — making the dough, letting it rise, rolling it out, etc. So it's nice to see Taylor Swift taking the time to bake them especially for boyfriend Travis Kelce before a big game. Then again, Swift is a huge fan of baking, and she is super proud of her cinnamon rolls. Back in 2020, she posted a photo of a batch of the baked treats on her Instagram with the caption, "when you're proud of your buns so you post them on the internet." They do look mouthwateringly good!

While we're sure Kelce tried one (or more!) of Swift's homemade cinnamon rolls, there's another breakfast dish that Swift might have to perfect if the two of them keep dating. It turns out that Kelce's longtime, go-to pregame meal is French toast. "On game day, you want to carb up," Kelce told Men's Journal in 2020, "so I have the energy I need for the game. [...] For me, I have to grab some French toast, get my blood sugar going, get some carbs in." Granted, cinnamon rolls should have a similar effect, so perhaps Swift will inspire a new game day favorite?