Meet Hallmark Hunk Niall Matter's Wife & Kids

While he originally made a name for himself through projects like "The Best Years," "Eureka," and "Primeval: New World," Niall Matter has since fallen in love with being a Hallmark star. The Canadian native debuted on the network in 2016, going on to star in made-for-TV movies such as "Christmas Pen Pals," "Aurora Teagarden Mysteries," and "Rip in Time."

Though he tends to keep things private, fans of the Hallmark hunk have undoubtedly wondered about the actor's personal life. Turns out, Matter has been happily married to Sara Bradley Matter since 2016, with the couple having two kids together. Not much is known about the actor's life with his family, but he does attribute his connection to the Hallmark channel to his fatherhood status.

"My working relationship with Hallmark began when my family started," Matter told Media Village in 2020. "Having kids really softened my heart; dealing with them and my wife, who I love dearly, I'm just in a different place in life."

The Hallmark star keeps his relationship private

Little is known about Niall Matter's relationship with his wife Sara Bradley Matter. However, the actor did mention to the "Hallmarkies Podcast" that their relationship was relatively new when he received his first Hallmark channel acting offer. As a refresher, the actor first starred opposite Rachel Boston in the 2016 made-for-TV flick "Stop the Wedding."

Following their budding romance, Niall and Sara married via a private ceremony in July 2016, with the wedding taking place in Hawaii. A selfie from the special day has been shared on social media, showing the couple both wearing white clothing and matching leis as they share a loving kiss. Since their marriage, Niall and Sara have welcomed two children together, with the Hallmark star taking to "Survived the Shows" to open up about their shared parenting experiences.

"My wife and I are very much in love and in the same picture still," Niall mentioned when discussing his role as a single father in "Holiday Hotline." "I couldn't imagine doing it without her and I couldn't imagine having that amount of workload for just one person."

Matter and his wife have two kids together

Niall and Sara Matter share two children, with their oldest child being born in 2016 and their youngest in 2019. While the couple has decided to keep details about their kids private, they have occasionally shared photos of their family on social media, giving fans a glimpse into their happy life together.

Niall has also mentioned his family in interviews, with "The Secrets of Bella Vista" actor opening up to My Devotional Thoughts about how his approach to acting changed after he became a father. "With the family, I want to really enjoy this time with my wife and daughter and work on things that I want to work on. But not overdo it," he told the outlet in 2017. "I used to really overdo it and burn my candle at both ends so to speak. And things just change when you have those responsibilities."

The Canadian native went on to acknowledge the importance of providing for his family, also adding, "I definitely have been taking time off to help with my daughter and make sure that my wife is happy and that the family is doing well." While not much is known about Niall Matter's personal life, seeing him happy with his family warms our Hallmark-loving hearts.