Eric Trump's Comments About Barron's Age Speak Volumes About Their Relationship

Back in June 2023, Eric Trump mistook his half-brother Barron Trump's age, which understandably drew comments about their brotherly bond. During a rant on Newsmax about the Democratic Party, he called Barron, "a 16-year-old, 15-year-old kid," (via X, formerly known as Twitter). At the time, people thought it was strange that he got his age wrong. But just six months later, at another speaking engagement, it happened again.

In a clip posted to X, while speaking at the ReAwaken America convention — a far-right touring event steeped in Christian nationalism — Eric remarked, "Could you imagine if I was doing shady deals and I was sending money to Barron's bank account? Barron at 15 years old would be in jail, I would be in jail, my father would be in jail."

The original poster, Ron Filipkowski, the editor-in-chief of Meidas Touch, added the cheeky caption: "Eric this past weekend says his brother Barron is 15 years old. He turns 18 this March."

One critic claimed the half-brothers 'barely know each other'

Eric Trump's latest flub of Barron Trump's age garnered major criticism on X. One shocked person commented on the clip, arguing, "Omg, this is the most anti-American-family-values family EVER. They barely know each other." Another snarked, "This is just plain embarrassing. Who are these people?" One particularly harsh critic even said, "That shows you Eric doesn't really care about his brother from another mother." 

One user pointed out that Eric's hypothetical story was meant to take place when their father, Donald Trump, was still president. However, Eric would still have Barron's age wrong in that case — Barron was born in March 2006, so he was only 14 when Donald lost the 2020 election.

Not much is known about Eric and Barron's relationship, but their 22-year age difference could explain why Eric can't keep track of his half-brother's actual age. Just add it to the list of false things people believe about Barron.